Flower Pot Easter Basket

Give the gift of gardening with this clever Easter gift.

An Easy Easter Craft

Give the gift of gardening with this fresh approach. A couple of old belts turn this terra cotta pot into the perfect Easter gift.

Gather Your Materials

You will need: 6 inch terra cotta pot / 2 old belts / 4 rivets and rivet tool / tin shears/ hammer / marker / awl / basket filler such as grass or excelsior / small gardening set / seed packets / gloves / treats as desired.

Snipping the belt

Begin by cutting the buckles and holes from the belts with tin shears. Cut one of the belts 19" long for the handle. Set aside.

Marking the belt

Wrap the other belt around the pot under the rim very tightly and mark where the belts overlap with a permanent marker. Cut the belt at the mark.

Preparing the belt for rivets

Using an awl, make a hole in one end of the belt in the center about 3/8" from the end. Make another hole in the same manner on the opposite end of the belt.

Attach the Hoop

Loop the belt around and center it on one end of the belt that will be the handle, flush with the end. Use the holes you've made as a guide for holes in the handle. Loop the belt over and make similar holes 3/4" apart through the loop and into the handle.

Add the Rivets

Push the base of the rivets through the back of the loop and into the handle. Use the rivet tool and hammer to attach the top of the rivet to the base. Repeat for the other side.

Add the Handle

Place the pot inside the loop and pull it tightly against the rim. It should hold in place, but if not, add a bit of adhesive putty to the inside of the loop to hold it in place until the pot is ready to be used.

Add the Filler

Add filler such as Easter grass or excelsior. Pack it in slightly.

Load the Basket

Fill the basket with gardening tools, gloves, seed packets, and treats placing the tallest items in the back and smaller items up front.

Instill a Love of Gardening

Celebrate both Easter and spring, a time of new gardening beginnings, with this adorable and easy to make "basket."

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