11 Holiday Color Palettes That Aren't Red and Green

Your holiday decor can pull in trendy, fashion-forward color schemes and still have that timeless look and feel everyone looks forward to year after year. Take a look at these fresh holiday palettes that can work for any seasonal design style.

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

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Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions

Black + White + Cream

Although black and white is a color combination that often takes on a glamorous vibe, it's versatile enough to work seasonally, too. Add a unique touch to your holiday decor with neutral tones mixed with a layer of black, white and cream.

Black + Red + Cream

Red is an iconic holiday color, but you can make it feel fresh with updated pairings. Mix deep shades of red with black, then lighten up the look with cream or greige.

Forest Green + Blue + Black

Forest green is a deep color that's surprisingly versatile. Use forest green as your dominant color this holiday season and freshen it up with blue and black accents.

Sage + Cranberry

Cranberry is popular for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but it can also be used year round. If you want to incorporate red and green into your holiday decor, pair cranberry (red with pink undertones) with earthy greens, like sage or celery, for an updated take on the classic color combo.

Navy + Gray + Brown

Dark colors don't have to be dreary. In fact, they can be lovely and luxe if used correctly with a keen eye. Mix navy with gray and brown for a rich, fresh spin on holiday hues. To get this combination right, use a mix of natural textures that can make a space feel warm and welcoming, such as wool and velvet.

Gray + Blue + Red

Put a new spin on classic holiday colors by adding a twist to a new neutral. Mix blue-grays with different shades of medium gray, then add a festive punch with bold accents of cherry red.

Burnt Red + Camel + Gold

Bring a toned-down look to your holiday decor with a mix of camel, burnt red and gold. Although red is the most energetic hue of the three, the camel color will help tone it down while shades of gold add depth.

Red + White + Gray

Add neutral flair to the classic color combination of red, white and green by replacing the green with rich shades of gray. In addition to toning down the vivid colors, gray can also add a masculine touch.

Blue-Gray + Pine Green + Navy

Bring a cool and casual vibe to your home with a mix of blue-gray, pine green and navy. While navy and blue-gray can often be considered summery, you can put a wintry spin on the pair with shades of evergreen that can withstand the colder months.

Fire-Engine Red + Slate Blue + Black

Slate blue and black are two colors used in dramatic interiors, but they can also be playful with the right accent color. Add sophistication to your seasonal space with a mix of slate blue, black and fire-engine red. While the colors are bold, they're also timeless and chic.

Burgandy + Silver

Garnet and gold tones are a Christmas classic, but garnet and silver is a bit more unique. Add a formal touch to any room in the house by combining shades of burgundy or garnet with silver or pewter. The cool metallic tones are an excellent complement to the warmth of rich reds.

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