Wooden Letter Holiday Sign

This inexpensive holiday wall hanging is surprisingly simple to make yourself.

Red Wooden Letter Holiday Sign Above Red Poinsettias and White Candle

DIY Red Holiday Wall Art

By: Kim Wilson

Materials Needed:

  • 9" MFD letters (N-O-E-L)
  • brown and red acrylic paint (this project uses Raw Umber and Crimson)
  • paintbrush
  • glue gun
  • 2 large pieces of cardboard

Lay Out Letters

Set out your letters to make sure you like the arrangement and spacing, and to get a sense of how the project will look when it's complete.

DIY Wooden Christmas Craft

Lay Out Letters for Wooden Holiday Sign

Create Weathered-Wood Look

To create a faux weathered-wood look, use two different shades of acrylic paints; these letters were painted with Raw Umber and Crimson. Paint the letters first with the Raw Umber and while they are still tacky and not yet dry, go over them with the Crimson.

DIY Wooden Christmas Craft

Create Weather-Wood Look to Holiday Sign

Smudge While Still Wet

Once you have both layers in place, smudge them together, add more paint here and there and have fun until the look is antiqued to your liking. You're going for a rich, deep look with these letters. If you keep messing with the paint while it's wet and still drying, you'll get this rich gorgeous look.

DIY Wooden Christmas Craft

Smudge Paint for Antiqued Wooden Letter Holiday Sign

Glue In Place

When your letters are completely dry, arrange them how you want on a piece of cardboard. Place another piece of cardboard on the front of the letters to help flip them over. Now you are ready to glue your letters in place. Take your glue gun and fill all the gaps with hot glue.

Dry & Hang

When your glue is set, simply place a few strategic nails on your wall and hang the sign. You've got a cute sign that cost you the price of your letters and a bit of your time.

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