Winter Twig-Embellished Mirror

Add natural sophistication to any room with the addition of a rustic twig-covered mirror. A few twigs gathered outdoors, white paint, a glue gun and an old mirror is all you need to add a wintry touch to your holiday decor.
Winter Twig-Embellished Mirror

Winter Twig-Embellished Mirror

Materials Needed:

  • inexpensive (or secondhand) mirror with wide, flat frame
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • small branches
  • white spray primer and spray paint
  • sanding block and sandpaper
  • painter's tape
  • window cleaner

Source Mirror and Tape Off Glass

Shop the house or secondhand stores for a small square or rectangular flat-fronted mirror. Use painter's tape to completely mask off the mirror.

Prime Frame

Coat the frame with 2 coats of spray primer, allowing ample dry time between coats.

Spray with Primer

Spray with Primer

Cut and Glue Twigs

Use a garden clipper to cut several twigs to the same width as the flat part of the mirror frame. Hot glue the twigs to all four sides of the mirror, but don't yet attach any twigs to the corners of the frame.

Add Corner Twigs

Use hot glue to adhere one small twig diagonally across each corner. Create an X in each corner by adhering two small twigs in the opposite direction from Twig 1. Create a 6-pointed star in each corner by gluing two more small twigs through the center of the X created in the previous steps.

Fill In

Fill in the spaces between each small twig with smaller twigs as shown below.

Fill In Twig Design

Fill In Twig Design

Paint Frame, Then Sand Smooth

Evenly coat the mirror frame with white spray paint. To create a birch bark effect, use a sanding block wrapped in sand paper to lightly sand the raised parts of each twig. Carefully remove painter's tape and clean mirror surface with window cleaner before hanging. Tip: Stubborn tape or paint can be removed with a razor blade.

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