Ukulele Wall Hanging

This retro ukulele wall hanging is made with aquarium gravel.


Suzanna Anna was thrilled to discover a lost art form of the '60s called "gravel art" which usually consists of two matching wall panels. She is currently one of the few people making this type of craft. She demonstrates gravel art wall hangings with a ukulele design made with burlap fabric mounted on wood.

Materials and Tools:


2, 8" x 20" medium density fiberboard (MDF) 1/4" thick panels
white glue
burlap fabric
white glue
1" paintbrush
disappearing ink fabric marker
black craft cord
crushed glass or aquarium gravel; blue, green, orange, brown
black acrylic paint
household or framing molding
heavy-duty adhesive backed picture hanger
design sketch
computer with graphics software
baking sheet
wax paper
wood skewers
adhesive backed picture hangers
safety glasses



1. Cut the burlap fabric a few inches larger than the wood board.

2. Place the wood board onto a baking sheet covered with wax paper. Cover the wood board completely with a coating of white glue with a paintbrush.

3. Place the burlap fabric over the glue coating. Smooth the burlap fabric with a brayer eliminating any air bubbles.


4. After the glue is completely dry, sketch an original, clipart or any desired design with a disappearing ink fabric marker onto the burlap fabric. Note: The designs used were hand drawn, then recreated in a graphics program on the computer, printed out and used for reference.


5. Glue craft cord over the drawing outline. Be sure there are no gaps where one cord joins another. Let dry completely.


6. Place the burlap-covered wood onto the baking sheet. Tip: The baking sheet will catch excess gravel in step 7. Select an initial gravel color to be used. Referring to the picture, spread a layer of white glue in the areas that will be filled with the first color. Use a wood skewer to completely cover the area with glue. Pour the first color of gravel over the glue in the covered areas. Press down on the gravel with your hands. Tip: Store the gravel in plastic soda bottles for easier pouring.


7. After an hour has passed, tilt the picture on its side, over the baking sheet, so all-excess gravel will fall into the baking sheet. Return excess gravel to the soda bottle.

8. Choose the second color and repeat the gluing and gravel covering process.


9. Repeat for each color gravel. For small areas, paint the burlap with black acrylic paint.

10. Remove any gravel that may have been glued to the cord with tweezers for a neat finish.

11. Create a frame with household molding and trim excess burlap from the back.

12. Attach a heavy-duty adhesive-backed picture hanger.


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