Tin Ceiling Tile Collage

Lainey loves projects that have a historical feel to them. She scours the antique stores and flea markets looking for just the right pieces for her artwork. Here she makes a tin ceiling tile collage.


Courtesy of Lainey Koepke of Liberty, Mo.

Materials and Tools:

antique tin ceiling sections
Dremel tool or tin snips
matte varnish
image to be mounted
foamcore board
embellishing materials including fabric, feathers, clip art, buttons




1. Clean dust and debris from antique tiles.

2. Cut a 12-inch square with a Dremel tool or tin snips. Round corners to make them less sharp.

3. With a pencil, mark the center area where your image will go, and cut out that piece with a Dremel.



4. Drill two small holes in the top corners so you can attach a beaded handle for hanging later.

5. Apply a matte varnish. This protects the tin and keeps dust from sticking to the surface.



6. Choose your image. Crop and size the image to fit the inside the tin opening of your frame. Lainey prints hers on her
computer, using acid-free paper so that the image will last for a long time. You can also have yours professionally printed.

7. Mount the image on foamcore board. Arrange image as desired. Then adhere mounted image to the back of the tin with a strong adhesive.



8. Arrange your embellishments on the piece. Make sure that you like the arrangement before the final adhesive is applied.

9. After the adhesive dries, apply a sepia varnish to any items that may look "too new" for your piece. It will give them an older feel.



10. While any of the adhesives or varnishes are drying, you can work on beading the handle. The color of the beads can coordinate with the embellishments, or use browns, golds, and silvers for a more antique look.

11. Cut the wire approx. 6 inches longer than needed ( to have enough extra to go through the holes, wrap around and secure). You can add small eyelets into the drilled holes at the top of the tin to give the collage a more finished look. Wrap each end through the holes or eyelets, and wrap the extra length around the handle several times to secure.

12. To finish off the back of the collage, adhere a 12" x 12" piece of felt to the back of your collage. Trim off any extra felt on edges. This keeps your piece from rubbing on the wall when it is hung.


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