Polymer Clay Frame With Snowballs and Santa

Add decorative touches to an ordinary picture frame to create a personalized holiday gift.


Project by Becky Meverden.

Create a wintry picture frame with snowballs and a Santa made from polymer clay. 

Materials and Tools:

Premo Sculpey 2 oz. pkgs.: red, black, beige, green, 3 white
4" x 6" flat metal frame
permanent glue stick
2 tiny black marbles
clear glitter
straight pin
round toothpick
pasta machine or acrylic brayer
paint brush
scrap paper
quilt batting
circle template, optional


  1. Condition clay according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. To make the frame: Remove the backing and the glass from the picture frame, leaving only the metal frame. Sometimes there is a plastic coating covering the frame; remove that also.
  3. Flatten a sheet of polymer clay through the pasta machine at a #1 setting (1/8 inch). Use a Nublade to cut four stripes approximately 1 inch longer than each side of the picture frame.
  4. Rub a permanent glue stick all over the front of the frame. Place a strip of clay onto the front of the frame, lining it up with the inside edge of the frame. Place another strip onto the frame, butting the seams together. Continue around the frame. Use a Nublade to trim the excess clay as you cover the frame.
  5. To make the snowballs: Roll multiple white balls of clay in the following sizes: 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 inch. Press the snowballs randomly all over the frame, filling the entire frame.
  6. Place frame onto piece of scrap paper and sprinkle glitter all over the snowballs. Lift frame off of paper and gently tap off the excess glitter from the snowballs onto the paper. Pour excess glitter back into glitter bottle.
  7. Bake in a preheated 265 F degree oven for 30 minutes. Set aside to cool.
  8. To make the Santa body: Roll an 11/16-inch red ball into a cone. To make his belt, flatten a black sheet of clay through the pasta machine at a #5 setting (1/64 inch). Use the Nublade to cut a 1/8-inch-wide strip and press the strip around the body, cutting off the excess.
  9. To make the legs: Roll two 7/16-inch red balls into 5/8-inch-long tapered logs. To make boots, roll two 3/8-inch black balls and shape into boots. Press onto the end of each leg. For the trim, roll a 3/32-inch-diameter white log. Press around each leg, covering where the boot meets the leg. Press the legs onto both sides of the body.
  10. To make the arms, roll two 3/8-inch red balls into 5/8-inch-long tapered logs. Roll two 7/32-inch green balls into teardrops and flatten slightly for mittens. Roll two 1/8-inch green balls into teardrops and flatten slightly for thumbs. Press onto one side of each mitten. Press mittens onto the end of each arm.
  11. To trim, roll a 3/32-inch-diameter white log and press around the end of each arm. Press arms to both sides of the body. Make sure the thumbs are pointing up towards the head, the same direction as the boots.
  12. To make the head, roll a 5/8-inch beige ball. Press two tiny black marbles into the head for the eyes. Use a toothpick to indent two squint lines by each eye.
  13. For the beard, flatten a 1/2-inch white ball into a triangle (beard) shape. Press beard around the head and up each side until even with the eyes. Curl end. Use a toothpick to texture beard.
  14. To make the mustache, roll a 1/8" x 1-1/4" white log. Bend log in half and curl each end up to the center to make the mustache. Press onto the face.
  15. For the nose, roll a 1/16-inch beige ball and press onto the center of the mustache. Use a toothpick to indent a mouth.
  16. To make a hat, roll a 9/16-inch red ball into a 1-3/8-inch-long log, tapered to a tip. Use the rounded end of a paintbrush to make a hole in the center of the hat. Gently roll the paintbrush around the hole, making the hole larger until it fits over the head. Press hat onto top of head.
  17. To trim, roll a 1/8-inch-diameter white log and use your fingers to flatten the log slightly. Press around the hat and cut off the excess. Curl the tip of the hat. Roll a 1/4-inch white ball to make the pompom for Santa’s hat. Use the blunt end of a paintbrush to make a hole in the pompom. Press hole onto end of hat and press to secure.
  18. Place the body onto the top of the frame and press gently onto frame. Press a straight pin halfway into the top of the body to stabilize the head. Press the head onto the top of the body.
  19. Place the frame on a piece of quilt batting for support and bake in a preheated 265 F degree oven for 30 minutes. Let cool.
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