Snow Village Mantel Display

Create a whimsical snow-covered village scene for your holiday mantel.


Materials and Tools:

two sheets of 1/4" white foam core
pale yellow or pale blue spray paint (your choice)
Exacto knife
glitter snow flakes
non-glittery snow flakes
spray glue (such as Super 77)
heavy-duty tape (such as strapping, duct or electrical tape)
glass votives
votive or tea light candles



1. First, measure the mantel, buffet or other flat surface where you plan on displaying the finished Snow Village to decide on the finished length. With a ruler and pencil, draw village house silhouettes on one piece of foam core. Make houses three inches taller than your preferred finished height, three inches of the foam core will be bent under to create a stand. Draw small windows in each of the buildings, in the final step, votive candles will be added and the window holes will allow candlelight to shine through.


2. On the second piece of foam core, draw pine trees, again making these three inches taller than the preferred finished height. Make sure that trees are larger than houses because they will form the background of the village scene.


3. With Exacto knife, cut out house shapes, windows and trees.


4. Create a seam at the bottom of each piece of foam core by scoring (don't cut all the way through) a straight line about three inches from the bottom.


Fold the seam back for the houses and forward for the trees to form a base, which will allow the pieces to stand.


5. Next, paint foam core a pale color, making sure to cover any pencil lines. We chose a soft yellow to create a warm glow, but a pale, icy blue would work equally well.


6. Liberally coat fronts of trees with spray glue. Before glue can dry, sprinkle on glittery and non-glittery snow flakes. Tip: Some spray glues dry more quickly than others, so just to be safe, work in small sections.


7. Repeat this process of adding snow to fronts of village houses. Tip: For a more realistic look, concentrate on adding heavier areas of snow to roof tops, window ledges and ground level.


8. Connect the houses and trees by taping the two bases together on the underside with heavy-duty tape, such as strapping or electrical tape.

9. Place village scene on mantel or buffet and place lit votive candles behind each of the houses, so the light of the candles can show through the windows.


To add to the Village's whimsical look, pile snowbanks around the houses' base at groundlevel.

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