Set Your Easter Table

Force flower bulbs in eggshells for a beautiful and garden-centric centerpiece.
New Life Sprouts

New Life Sprouts

Sit the bulb on top of the gravel. Add a bit of soil to help anchor the bulb and dress the eggshell with moss to help maintain moisture. Gently water your eggshell garden and place it in a sunny spot.

Over the years, I have seen many wonderful things done with recycled eggshells. I thought that forcing some bulbs in eggshells from my chickens would be a fun and easy craft.  It is just in time for Easter and would make a wonderful natural centerpiece for the table or a lovely addition to a sunny windowsill.

The process of forcing bulbs is simple and very rewarding.  The best part is that when these bulbs are done blooming, you can plant them in the ground just the way they are.  The eggshells will break down and nourish the surrounding plants and the bulbs will return next spring with beautiful blooms.


  • A clean egg carton
  • Small flowering bulbs such as grape hyancinth, miniature daffodils ('Tete-a-Tete') and crocus
  • Eggs
  • Small gravel such as the kind used in terrariums or aquarium stones
  • Moss
  • Potting soil

Follow the simple directions in this gallery to create your own Easter centerpiece:

How to Grow Flowers in Eggshells

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An Elegant, Easy Centerpiece

Get Your Eggs Ready!

Spring Bulbs Sprout from Eggshells

Add Gravel to Eggshells

New Life Sprouts

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