Rose Painted Jewelry Box

Decorative painting expert Priscilla Hauser paints a charming rose jewelry box.


Materials and Tools:

Walnut Hollow mini-oval #1873
Walnut Hollow Roomy Box # 12530P
Ball Feet #18027
Folk Art® Artist’s Pigments:
- Hauser Green Dark #461
- Hauser Green Medium #460
- Hauser Green Light #459
- Burnt Umber #462
- True Burgundy #456
- Warm White #649
- Ice Green Light #233
Folk Art® Acrylics:
- Licorice #938
Folk Art® Blending Gel Medium #867
Kala Priscilla’s Rose Brush Series 2370: small
KALA Brushes, Golden Onyx Series 2100 Liner: #1
KALA Brushes, Golden Onyx Series 2200 Shader/Bright (flat): #8
Masterson Sta-Wet Palette
brush basin
tracing paper
white chalk or white transfer paper
100 percent cotton rag or piece of old T-shirt (100 percent cotton) or soft, absorbent paper towels
palette knife–good straight metal blade
fine-grade sand paper
tack cloth
piece of brown paper bag with no printing on it
Walnut Hollow’s Creative Versa-Tool (used for embossing edge of oval plaque)
11" length of lace that is 6" wide
6" length of lace that is 2" wide
1 yd. off-white ribbon 1/8" wide
white glue
strand of tiny plastic pearls
off-white ribbon roses
1" sponge brush




1. Sand the box and wipe with a tack cloth.

2. Apply a coat of Licorice paint with the 1-inch sponge brush and let dry.

3. Rub the wood surface with a piece of brown paper bag (with no printing on it) to smooth the surface.



4. Apply a second coat of Licorice paint. Let dry.

5. Rub surface with a piece of brown paper bag.

6. Glaze the box with two coats of varnish. Let dry thoroughly.

7. Emboss circles around the outside edge of the oval with the Creative Versa-tool and a round point.



8. Paint the small oval with Licorice in the same manner as the box.

9. Neatly trace and transfer the basic rose and leaves to the oval by tracing the design onto tracing paper.

10. Apply chalk over the lines on the back side.



11. Center the design on the oval and trace the lines with a stylus or pencil to transfer the pattern. Note: White transfer paper may be used, if desired.



12. Prepare the box by applying the wide piece of lace to the top of the box with white glue. Let dry.

13. Apply the 2-inch wide lace at a diagonal with white glue. Let dry.



14. Glue the ribbon roses with little bows on the 2-inch diagonal lace, as shown in the photograph.



Painting the Design


1. Neatly undercoat the leaves (color-book paint them) in Hauser Green Medium. Let dry.

2. Apply a second coat of Hauser Green Medium as needed.

3. Shade the bottom of the leaves with Hauser Green Dark. Let dry.



4. Apply a little Blending Gel and highlight with Ice Green Light.


1. Double load the small rose brush with True Burgundy on one side of the brush and a mixture of Warm White plus True Burgundy (4:1) on the other side of the brush.



2. Paint scallops all around the outside edge of the rose.

3. Paint a U-stroke to form the top of the rose.



4. Paint a U-stroke to form the bottom of the rose.

5. Fill in the center of the rose with True Burgundy. Let dry.



6. The curlicues are painted with the liner brush full of thinned Ice Green Light (thin with water).




1. Finish the oval with two coats of varnish. Let dry thoroughly.

2. Glue the oval in place on the top of the box.

3. Trim the oval piece with tiny string pearls.

4. If desired, paint the feet Licorice and glue into place.

5. The box may be painted or lined with fabric, as desired.

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