Play With Your Food: Sheep

Create a cute, fluffy sheep using fruits and vegetables.

Cauliflower Sheep!

Create your own herd with fruit and veggies.

Assemble Your Supplies

To make your sheep you will need cauliflower, four raisins, a blackberry, a toothpick and a knife (remember to let a grown-up do the cutting).

Craft the Sheep Body

Begin by trimming any extra from the sides and bottom of the cauliflower until you are happy with the shape. This will be your sheep's body.

Make Some Decisions

Decide where your sheep's head will go, and push a toothpick into the cauliflower, leaving about half an inch sticking out.

Add the Sheep Head

Place the blackberry onto the end of the toothpick, this will be your sheep's head.

Create Raisin Hooves

Place the raisins under your sheep's body so that they look like little hooves peeking out of a huge fluffy sheep.

More Fluffiness!

As a finishing touch, place a small piece of cauliflower on top of the blackberry to give your sheep a little extra fluff.

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