Play With Your Food: Lion

Use a Brussels sprout, cherry tomato and banana to create a friendly lion.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

Make This Adorable, Edible Lion

A cherry tomato, banana, Brussels sprout and a pair of cloves for eyes add up to one delicious lion.

Grab a Banana and Begin!

Cut two long, side-by-side rectangle shapes out of the bottom of the banana. Make sure to leave the ends of the rectangles closest to the stem attached.

Prepare the Paws

Pull the rectangles out to form the lion's front paws, being careful to leave the peel partly attached.

Create the Lion's Tail

About halfway down the banana cut a small, round shape in the front to become the back foot. Then cut a long, curved piece out of the back and top of the banana to become the lion's tail. Be sure to leave one end attached to the lion's "body."

Make the Body

Remove the excess banana and peel, and arrange the tail. This is your lion's body.

The Mane Attraction

To create the mane, pull all the leaves gently out from the center of the Brussels sprout. When they get too small to pull apart any more, cut out whatever is left in the center.

Face Time

Using a toothpick attach a cherry tomato to the center of the Brussels sprout mane. Leave the spot where the stem attaches facing outward to become the lion’s nose.

King of the Beasts

Place the lion's head on the stem of the banana, resting it on the front paws.

Roaring Good Time

Add eyes using small pieces of avocado peel or cloves and then let your lion roar!

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