Play With Your Food: Mouse

Make snack time a little more exciting by crafting this adorable vegetable critter.

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Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Make a Cute Veggie Mouse

You just need a few elements to create this adorable veggie mouse.

Cut Your Radish

Cut the stems and leaves off the end of a radish. The spot where the stem was attached will become the nose.

Add Your Ears

Cut two small slits near the top of the radish where the ears will go. Insert a Brussels sprout leaf into each spot, trimming them to fit if necessary.

Make Eyes

Push cloves into the radish near the nose to create eyes.

Create Paws

Balance your mouse on top of two cashews, making sure they stick out in front to create paws.

So Easy!

This radish mouse is so simple and adorable, you might have to make more than one!

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