Ostrich Egg Jewelry Box

Adrienne Martino decorates an ornate jewelry box made from an ostrich egg.


Adrienne Martino loves ostrich eggs for their strength and beauty, but most of all for their ability to be transformed into an ornate jewelry box.

Materials and Tools:

ostrich egg
liquid bleach
instant glue
small curved scissors
egg stand (base)
braid trim
safety glasses
dust mask
gold chain and gold jewelry findings
small crafter's hinge with mounting hardware
small high temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
rotary tool with diamond cutting wheel and drill bits


1. Select egg for size, luster and color.

2. Draw a thumbnail sketch of the design to be used as a guide.

3. Pencil in the lines for the opening and holes for gems.



4. Put on safety glasses and a dust mask and cut the opening of the egg with the high-speed diamond-cutting bit on a rotary cutting tool. Drill the holes for the gems using the drill bit.

5. Wash the egg out.

6. Mark and drill the holes for the hinge.

7. Scuff the egg and hinge before gluing.



8. Check the fit of the hinge to the egg and bend it with pliers to the shape of the egg. Check to be sure the holes are properly aligned. Apply instant glue to the hinge screws and place them on the egg. Let the hinge set. Note: Hold it down to secure.



9. Set the stones in the drilled holes and apply instant glue to hold them in place.



Glue gold chain around the edge of the top and base of the opening of the egg to trim the edges.



Disguise the hinge by gluing on gold jewelry findings.

10. Cut batting into an oval shape and place it inside the egg.

11. Cut velvet and glue it using hot glue to the interior of the egg around the top edge. The velvet will sit on top of the batting making a nice fluffy interior.



12. Glue cording and braided trim around the top edge of the interior along the velvet edge with hot glue. This will finish the interior edge.

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