Novelty Candles

Courtney Clark expresses her creativity and passion for making novelty candles that look like a strawberry cupcake, blueberry tart and a martini.
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Materials and Tools:

paraffin wax
soy wax
gel wax
melting pots
rubber molds:
- strawberry
- blueberry
- tart crust
liquid scents:
- butter cream
- blueberry
- strawberry
- cucumber-melon
candle dye: red, blue, brown
pre-tabbed wicks
paper or foil cupcake liners
muffin pan
5" pie tin
wire whisk
cooling bowls
wax olives
martini glass
aluminum foil
stove or hot plate
rubber spatulas for stirring
wire whisk
wooden skewer
plastic container




1. To prepare strawberry and blueberry fruit, heat two parts paraffin wax and one part soy wax in two melting pots. Melt on the stove (hot plate) over low heat. Tip: Protect your work surface by placing the fruit rubber molds on aluminum foil.

2. After the waxes have melted together, add a few drops of red dye to one pot for the strawberries and stir. Add blue dye to the other pot for the blueberries and stir.

3. Add blueberry-scented oil to the blue colored wax and strawberry scented oil to the red colored wax.



4. Carefully pour the melted wax into the molds and let harden.

5. In another melting pot, melt a mixture of paraffin and soy wax (two to one ratio), and add brown dye and butter cream scent to make both the cupcake base and the crust for the pies.



6. Place cupcake liners in a muffin pan and pour the wax into the cupcake liners. After they cool a bit, set in the pre-tabbed wick and let harden. Pour the wax into the tart crust molds and let harden.

Blueberry Pie



1. Melt gel wax in a melting pot for the pies.



2. Add a drop of blue coloring and blueberry-scented oil into a 5-inch pie tin. When the gel wax is melted, pour it into the tin almost to the top. Stir the color and oil and place the crust around the rim.

The gel is extremely hot, so wait about 5 to 7 minutes before placing the pre-tabbed wick in followed by the blueberries.

Cupcake Frosting



1. Melt paraffin wax in another melting pot for the cupcake frosting.

2. When the paraffin has melted, pour it into a cooling bowl (plastic bowl) that already has a drop of red coloring and strawberry scented oil in it. Stir this with a wire whisk, whipping the wax until it is cool and firm enough to spread on the cupcakes.



3. Spoon the whipped wax onto the cupcake bases. Press the strawberries into the soft wax and let them harden. Trim the wicks.


1. Melt gel wax in a melting pot for the martini. While that is melting add scented oil to the martini glass.



2. Pour the melted gel into the martini glass and use a wooden skewer to mix it with the oil. After about 5 to 7 minutes when the gel has cooled a little, add a pre-tabbed wick and use the skewer to center it. Add the wax olives using the skewer to push them into the wax. Let harden.

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