Mosaic Dining Table With Built-In Lazy Susan

Resurface a patio table with a Mediterranean-inspired mosaic and a built-in lazy Susan for easy serving.


Transform any large wood table by designing a mosaic in the center with a centerset lazy Susan for added function.

Materials Needed:

  • several glazed ceramic tiles and tile pieces
  • tile adhesive (ours was Acryl Pro brand ceramic tile adhesive)
  • one gallon of grout (ours was Polyblend brand #10-Antique White)
  • grout sealer (ours was Tilelab brand surface guard, penetrating grout and tile sealer)
  • tile snips
  • hammer
  • trowel
  • plastic mixing bucket
  • wooden stir stick
  • bucket with water
  • sponge


1. Before assembling the mosaic, drill a large circle into the center of the table and attach a lazy Susan from underneath. This design allows the lazy Susan to sit flush with the tabletop.

2. Using tile snips and a hammer, break all tile into various-sized pieces.

3. Arrange broken tiles on the bare tabletop until a desired design is achieved. You may want to take a photograph of the exact layout before removing the tiles to help you remember where everything goes. Remove all tiles.


4. Apply a thin, even layer of tile adhesive to the top of the table with a trowel.

5. Rearrange tile pieces on the tabletop to replicate the original desired pattern. Gently press each piece into the adhesive.

6. Mix grout to manufacturer's specifications and apply the grout to the top of the tile using the trowel. Make sure the grout gets into all the cracks and becomes flush with the top of the tiles.


7. When the grout is nearly dry, wipe tile with a damp sponge to clean off the excess grout from the tile's surface.

8. Once the grout dries completely, apply grout sealer with sponge.

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