Modern Snowflake Window Dressing

Cover inexpensive foam balls with white clay to create an indoor snowstorm. It's simple to make and creates a beautiful wintry impact in any room.

Modern Snowflake Window Dressing

Modern Snowflake Window Dressing

By: Sam Henderson

Materials Needed:

  • foam balls of various sizes (1/2" - 3")
  • white foam clay (1 packet covers approx. 25 balls)
  • clear fishing line
  • translucent drinking straws (7-1/2" long)
  • clear buttons
  • tension rod
  • upholstery needle
  • rolling pin
  • baking sheets

Determine the Number of Snowballs

1. Measure your window then divide the length by 9. Use this number for the average number of snowballs you'll need for each strand. Divide the width by 4; use this number for the number of strands you'll have. Multiply the average number of snowballs for each strand by the number of strands you'll have to determine the total number of snowballs you'll need.


1. Cut lengths of fishing line about 1 foot longer than the length of the window.
2. Tie a clear button onto the bottom of each string.
3. Tear off a piece of foam clay and roll it into a ball. Using a rolling pin, roll out the foam to about 1/4-inch thickness (Image 1). Wrap the foam circle around the ball and pinch it together to completely cover the ball (Image 2). Pinch away any excess.

4. Shape the ball with your hands and then roll between your palms to smooth out slightly.

Shaping Foam Ball

Shaping Foam Ball

5. Place balls on baking sheets and allow to dry overnight.
6. Arrange the balls on a flat surface in rows in a pattern that suits you. Be sure to line them up randomly and vary the sizes in each row.

Balls Arranged on a Flat Surface

Balls Arranged on a Flat Surface

7. Begin stringing the balls onto fishing line by inserting the upholstery needle with fishing line attached into the center of one the foam balls (Image 1). Next add a straw and continue alternating until you reach the length of the window (Image 2).

8. On the next string begin with a snowball, but cut the first straw in half and retain the other half for the top of the string. This will allow the balls to hang at alternating levels from one string to the next. Continue alternating the beginning straw from whole to half as you complete the remaining strings.
9. When you have completed all the strings, tie them to a tension rod that you have installed in the window. Hang the first string about 2 inches in from the window. Every strand after that should hang about 4 inches apart.

Completed Snowflake Dressing Hanging in Window

Completed Snowflake Dressing Hanging in Window

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