Millefiori Butterfly Pendant

Shawn Nelson demonstrates how to create a lampwork butterfly pendant.


Materials and Tools:

marver plate
tungsten pick 1/8 inch
stick green colored rod
slice murrine (glass cane with a butterfly or desired design)
9mm clear rod
4mm clear rod
jewelry chain




1. Break 9mm rod into 12-inch lengths by scoring and popping. Two pieces will be needed.

2. Make a small gather and flatten it on the marver plate.

3. Pick up the butterfly murrine with tweezers and heat it in the flame.



4. Place the butterfly murrine on the marver pad. Reheat the 9mm with gather.

5. Pick up murrine off of the marver plate with 9mm gather, use a slow, downward push keeping the murrine in the center of the gather.



6. Heat the second piece of 9mm rod and push it on top of the murrine. Leave a small piece of clear on the back of the murrine.

7. Heat until clear glass climbs onto the murrine and seals the murrine inside of the glass.



8. Put the 4mm punty on the back of the pendant using a cold tack.



9. Removed the 9mm handles and round out the front of the pendant. Cold-tack a handle on the back of the pendant.

10. Knock off the handle by tapping it lightly on a solid surface, flame polish the back where it released.

11. Put a small gather of green on top of the pendant.



12. Heat round and preheat the tungsten pick in the flame.

13. Push tungsten pick through green glass from both sides. Fire polish.

14. Knock off bottom handle while holding the pendant with tweezers.



15. Fire polish and put pendant into the kiln. Cool.

16. String a chain through the hole in the top of the millefiori butterfly pendant.

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