Make Your Own Decorative Felt Chrysanthemums

Follow these easy DIY steps to make your own fabric chrysanthemums.

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Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Ruth Meharg

Felt Chrysanthemums

If you'd like to add an easy and inexpensive splash of fall decor to your house, try creating these felt mums. You can add them to throw pillows, or create impromptu pieces of wall art.


To create your felt flowers you will need felt, scissors, a needle and thread. If you are going to make a large flower or multiple small flowers, you may want to save money by getting your felt by the yard rather than individual sheets. Unless you are making a lot of flowers, half a yard should be enough. If you want to color your flowers, you will also need wool dye or fabric paint. If you prefer not to sew, you can use fabric glue, but your mums won't be as sturdy.

Pointed Pompom

In this gallery we will show you how to make three different types of mums. To make a pointed pompom mum you will need to cut oval shapes that are pointed on each end, like a leaf. You will need to use the same shape over and over, but slightly smaller for each level. You will also need about three fewer petals every time you go up a level. If you use 15 large petals for the bottom, you will only need 12 medium petals for the next level.

Rounded Pompom

To make a rounded pompom mum, simply cut circles for your petal shape. If you'd like you can make imperfect circles with a slight point on one side, or you can leave them perfectly circular, whichever you prefer.

Beginning Pompoms

To create both the rounded and pointed pompom you need to begin by rolling your petal into a cone shape. Stitch or glue the petal so that the cone holds its shape.

Finishing the Pompoms

Sew or glue all of the cones together in a ring. The bottom layer will be the largest ring, using your largest petals. Continue creating smaller rings with smaller petals that will nestle on top. When all your rings are completed, sew or glue them together in a flower shape.

Spider Mums

To make a spider mum, you will need long, narrow petal shapes. Make the tips narrow and curved to really echo the shape of spider mum petals.

Starting Spider Mums

Start your spider mums by folding the base of the petal in half. Loop the thread twice around the base of the petal, then repeat with the next petal. Push all the petals together so you have a long string of petals.

Finishing Spider Mums

Continue adding petals, making them progressively smaller as you go. Then, starting with the smallest petals begin wrapping the petals in a spiral, sewing or gluing the base as you go.

Optional Color Variation

If you'd like to add a little color variation to your petals, begin by soaking the entire finished flower in water. Felt dries quickly, so don't wring it out too much, you need moisture in the petals.

Adding Dye

Once your petals are wet, use a brush to dab dye or liquid fabric paint on the tips of the petals. Use dye to make the tips darker, and paint to make them lighter. The wet petals should absorb the dye in a gentle gradation.

Attaching Mums

Once your mums are completed and dry, all you need to do is display them. If you'd like to attach them to a pillow permanently, simply stitch them into place. If you'd rather use them as seasonal decorations, you can always use safety pins to attach them temporarily.

Small Mums

If you want to make smaller mums, try creating a series of them and displaying them together. Add a bit of color variation, or make a few different types to add interest to your group.

Statement Chrysanthemums

Create a statement piece with one large chrysanthemum rather than lots of small ones. We created a spider mum for ours, but you can make any style of mum large by cutting larger petals.

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