Make Modern, Geometric Wall Art With Paint and Tape

It's amazing what painter's tape, some patience and pretty paint colors can achieve. The finished artwork will look like a modern canvas straight out of a museum.


Coordinate the paint colors with the palette of your space for a custom work of art that will decorate your walls and blend seamlessly with your furniture and accessories.

Materials Needed:

  • a large canvas (This one is 13"x19," but any large size will work.)
  • 2-inch-wide painter's tape
  • A wide paint brush
  • A mixing paint brush
  • Blue, dark blue, pink, green, black and white acrylic paint
  • 5 paint-mixing jars

Mix Paint Colors

Fill each paint mixing jar with a few squirts of white paint. Add a few squirts of one of the colors into each jar.

Stir the paints in each paint jar, washing your mixing brunch in between colors. Take a look at the colors you’ve created and decide if you love them. Add more white or more color to make any lighter or darker.

Paint Canvas

Using the lightest color in your palette, paint the whole canvas, including the sides. Let dry.



Create the First Stripe

Stick a piece of painter’s tape over your first color to block off one corner. Using the next-darkest color, paint over the corner and over the edges of the canvas. Let dry. Peel off the painter’s tape.

Create the Remaining Stripes

Add a piece of painter’s tape, blocking off a different corner. Paint over your first two colors with your next darkest color, including the edges of the canvas. Let dry. Peel off the tape.

Add a piece of painter’s tape to block off the next corner of the canvas. Don’t forget those edges! Let dry. Peel off the tape.

Repeat with the darkest color and the final corner. Let dry. Peel off tape.

Add a Triangle in the Center

Tape off a triangle in the center of the canvas. Paint with the darkest color. Let dry. Peel off tape.



Hang and Enjoy

Find a bare spot on a wall or table and marvel at your new modern piece of artwork.



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