Make an Origami Christmas Ornament

These origami Christmas ornaments look impressive, but they're so simple to make. (They're also a creative way to use pretty wrapping paper scraps.)
Origami Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

Origami Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

By: Manvi Drona-Hidalgo

Wrapping paper, colored printing paper or old book pages can be great alternatives to origami paper. Experiment with different patterns and textures.

Materials Needed:

  • square sheet of paper
  • double-sided glue dots
  • string
  • scissors
  • embellishments (like washi tape or bells)

Gather Materials and Cut Square

Assemble all the craft materials (Image 1) and if not working with pre-formed origami sheets, start by cutting your sheet of paper into a square (Image 2). You can also choose the size, depending on how large or small you want the ornament to be. Trim accordingly.

Add a + Crease

Place paper wrong side up on a flat working surface. Fold the paper in half aligning top and bottom edges neatly. Run along fold to get a crease (Image 1). Throughout the instructions make sure each crease is folded well so the butterfly stays intact. Unfold and turn paper ninety degrees (Image 2). Fold in half the other way. Crease. You should get a + shaped crease on the paper.

Add an X Crease

Unfold. Turn paper design side or right side up and fold paper diagonally. Unfold and fold diagonally the other way so you get an X crease on paper.

Fold Paper Diagonally to Add an X Crease

Fold Paper Diagonally to Add an X Crease

Form Triangle

Unfold. Using your finger, push the middle down so it pops in (Image 1). Bring the left and right horizontal creases together and collapse into a triangle (Image 2).

Fold Top Layer Corners

Fold the left corner of the top layer to the top corner of the triangle (Image 1). Repeat with right corner and bring towards top corner of triangle (Image 2). Crease folds well (Image 3).

Flip and Fold

Turn over. Fold the corner past the edge about half an inch (Image 1). Gently crease the folds forming from the bottom layer (Image 2).

Fold Tiny Triangle

Fold the triangle that is past the edge over (Image 1-2). Push down with index finger and crease well (Image 3).

Fold and Face Left

Fold along the center line (Image 1). Place back on flat surface and turn so that pointed triangle faces left (Image 2).

Fold Flaps to Make the Face

While holding the pointed end, fold the top flap in a valley fold (Image 1). Mirror fold on the other side. This is the face of the butterfly (Image 2).

Add Finishing Touches

Run string through glitter bell and tie ends together (Image 1). Place string in the center fold, add glue dots and pinch together until glue is set (Image 2). Your origami butterfly ornament is complete (Image 3)! Add beads, washi tape, or glitter to adorn if desired.

Display Your Ornament

Hang your ornament from a tree and admire your work.

Display Your Butterfly Christmas Ornament

Display Your Butterfly Christmas Ornament

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