Make a Teacup Garden

Upcycled vintage teacups create one of a kind miniature gardens perfect for gift giving.

DIY: Teacup Garden

Tea in the garden takes on new meaning as vintage teacups are turned into miniature planters.

Gather Your Supplies

For this craft you will need: a variety of teacups and saucers/ multipurpose glue / small plants / potting soil / garden twigs / thick cardstock / marker / X-Acto knife / scissors.

Stick Together

Adhere the cup to its matching saucer with glue. Set aside to dry.

Prepare the Plants

Some plants, like this Irish moss, can be split apart.

Plant the Teacups

If you prefer, add a thin layer of gravel to the bottom of each teacup to help with drainage. Next add a combination of plants to each teacup. Once planted, add a layer of moss to cover any exposed areas of dirt. Wipe any excess soil off the teacup and saucer with a damp cloth.

Make the Tags

Clear your work space and gather the twigs, cardstock, marker, scissors and X-Acto knife.

Make a Slit

Carefully with the X-Acto knife, make a slit in the top of a twig.

Cut a Banner

With scissors, trim the cardstock to resemble the banner.

Insert Your Banner

Write on the banner with a marker and slide the banner into the slit on the top of the twig. We decided to make this teacup garden a tribute to mom.

Mix it Up

Here assorted plantings add variety to the teacup. Water sparingly as there are no drainage holes.

String of Pearls

This teacup is filled with string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus).

Plant Your Own Teacup Garden

Plantings used in our teacups include: Soleirolia soleirolii, Othonna capenisis, Sagina subulata, Isolepis cernua and Sencio rowleyanus.

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