Make a Homemade Plant Stand

A handful of galvanized pipe fittings and a hearty set of pliers is about all you need to make this fun, industrial-inspired plant stand.

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: photo by Sam Henderson

Sitting Pretty

Give your houseplants a lift with this modern, industrial-style plant stand.

Gathering Your Materials

You will need: (4) 1/2” galvanized pipe - 24” long / (8) 1/2” galvanized pipe - 3” long / (2) 1/2” galvanized pipe - 6” long / (4) 1/2” galvanized T joints / (8) 1/2” galvanized elbow joints - 90˚ angle / pliers or channel grips / pot and tray / plant material / soil and drainage material / trowel / Begin by cleaning the pipes and remove any labels or oily residue.

Assembling the Sides

Assemble the pieces for one side as shown. Make the connections as tight as possible by hand, but do not make the T section too tight. It may have to be repositioned slightly to accommodate the cross piece. Repeat for the other side section.

Closing the Loop

On the opposite end, add the pieces leaving the last 3” pipe to be connected to one side of the T section. Use pliers or channel grips to screw the 3” pipe very tightly into the elbow. Then connect it to the other end to the T section, leaving about half of the threads inserted into the elbow and the T section. Turn the T sections slightly on completed sides so they will point toward each other.

Connecting the Cross Pieces

Use the 6” pipe to connect the side pieces at the top and bottom, securing it to the open holes of the T sections. Use pliers or channel grips to get the same connection as described for closing the loop.

Adding the Plant

Place a planter tray in the center of the stand. The bottom of the tray should fit snugly within the joints of the stand. Fill your planter with soil and plant life if not already done. Add the potted plant to the tray.

Industrial Chic

This galvanized plant stand looks great in multiples and would lend style to any modern loft or apartment.

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