Make a Garden Fairy Doll

Make a special place in your home for this whimsical fairy doll that kids are sure to treasure.
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Multimedia artist Gae Sharp-Richardson demonstrates how to make a whimsical fairy doll.

Materials and Tools:

floral wire
small ball of stuffing
acrylic paints
novelty yarns
colored wire
copper tubing hardware fittings
metal washer
glass beads
old buttons
recycled blue onion bag
green batik material
recycled clear plastic bag
needle and thread
needle-nose pliers
wire cutters
sewing machine


  1. Cut a 6" x 6" square from the T-shirt for the doll head. Form a golf-ball sized piece of cotton stuffing and place it in the center of the square. Wrap floral wire around the neck to form the head. Set aside.
  2. Cut a 12" x 14" rectangle from the T-shirt to form the doll's body. With the 14" side at top, fold the fabric over 4 inches. Cut a small slit in center of the fold and insert the head into the hole. The T-shirt fabric below the neck wire will form the body stuffing.
  3. Roll the 4" folded piece of the T-shirt to the top fold to form the arms.
  4. Cut the T-shirt under the rolled arms to 1" each side from the center body area.
  5. Trim off 1" from the ends of the arms.
  6. Wrap the rolled arms with floral wire to maintain their rolled shape.
  7. Body: From each edge, cut the T-shirt toward the center (same as arms), about 2" down from the underarms. Fold the left side of the strip of T-shirt around the front of the body. Wrap the right side tightly around the body. To hold the body shape, wrap floral wire around the body.
  8. Cross the wire around the neck and arms.
  9. Roll the remaining bottom of the T-shirt up toward the body to form the legs.
  10. Wrap the legs with floral wire.
  11. Hands and feet: Cut four 2" squares. Cover the ends of the arms and legs with a square to form the hands and feet. Wrap floral wire around the wrists and ankles to secure.
  12. Paint the head, feet and hands with flesh-colored acrylic paint. Sew on glass beads for eyes. Pull novelty yarn through the head for eyelashes. Cut a variety of pieces of wool and cotton yarns 4" long. Gather them in the middle and tie with three more strands of yarn.
  13. Stitch the bundle to the top of the head for hair. Tie a ribbon around the bundle.
  14. Wrap the arms and body with two different ribbons, being sure to overlap and cover the body with multiple layers so that none of the T-shirt shows. Wrap with wire to hold the yarns in place. Tie yarn onto the purple yarn on the arms and body for embellishment. Wrap the legs with a yarn that matches the arms and a different yarn for contrast.
  15. Slip a copper hardware pipe fitting over the feet to create "socks" and wrap the legs with wire, including the copper pipe.
  16. Cut a 4" x 12" piece of material for the skirt. Layer a variety of yarns, ribbon, recycled onion mesh bag, netting, more yarn and end with netting across the top of the 12" material. With the sewing machine, stitch across the layers of yarn, ribbon and netting, catching all the yarns and material at the top edge. Cut the bottom material and nettings into strips.
  17. Wrap the "grass skirt" around the waist of the doll and stitch with needle and thread to her waist.
  18. Gather the plastic bag in the middle to form a "bow" and place it on the back of the doll for wings. Place a button on top of a metal washer. Sew to the middle of the wings to attach them to the doll's back by stitching through to the front of the doll body and back through to the back.
  19. Tie wired ribbon around the doll's ankles and trim. Attach small buttons to the middle of the bow. Stitch glass beads to one of the dolls arms. Curl wire and insert it through the middle of the part in the doll's hair to form antennae. Create a necklace with a charm and a piece of string.
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