Make a Fabric Chicken and Eggs for Spring

Use your fabric scraps to create colorful eggs and a whimsical chicken for a spring vignette or tabletop.

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Fabric Eggs and Chicken

This fun, spring inspired craft will make good use of your fabric scraps. The best part is that these fabric eggs and little chicken will last until next spring. 


You will need: egg template / scrap fabric / iron-on interfacing (optional) / poly fiber fill / sewing machine / needle and thread. 

Prepare the Fabric

Iron on the fusible interface onto the backside of the piece of fabric. You do not have to use interface. This step will help the egg hold its shape better. If you choose not to use interfacing, make sure the grain (the direction in which the fabric stretches) of the fabric is horizontal. 

Cut out the Eggs

Lay the egg template onto the backside of the fabric and trace. You will need to cut out 4 pieces per egg. 

Lay out the Pieces

Line up your egg pieces. You will be sewing two of the pieces together at a time. 

Assemble Part 1

Lay two of the egg pieces together, right (pretty) side of the fabric on top of each other. 

Assemble Part 2

Pin the pieces in place.

Sew Your Egg

Sew a 1/4 seam around one half of the egg.  Repeat this step for the other two pieces of the egg. 

Two Halves Make a Whole

Lay each the two halves on top of each other, right (pretty) side of the fabric facing each other. Pin and sew a 1/4 seam around, leaving an inch opening. 

Turn Right Side Out

Turn the egg right side out: the pretty side of the fabric should be visible now. Spread open the inch opening you left when you stitched around the egg.  

Stuff the Egg

Stuff the egg with the fiber fill. 

Sew the Seam

Thread a needle with matching thread. Hand sew the seam shut.

Make the Chicken

For the chicken, you will need: two 6x6 inch pieces of fabric / two buttons / red and yellow felt / fiber fill and rice. Lay one of the 6x6 inch fabric squares down with the right side (pretty) facing up. Cut out a yellow triangle for the beak and use the red felt to cut out a comb and a wattle. Lay the felt pieces on top of the fabric (as in the photo).

Pin It

Lay the second piece of 6x6 fabric on top of the first 6x6 piece and the felt. Make sure the right side (pretty) is facing down. Pin the pieces together, taking care to pin the felt. Sew a 1/4 inseam around the top, right and left sides. Leave the bottom of the square open. 

Turn It Right Side Out

Turn the chicken right side out. The felt comb, beak and wattle should pop out. Sew a button on each side of the head of the chicken. 

Fill and Sew

Fill 3/4 of the chicken with fiber fill and the remainder 1/4 with rice. Fold a 1/4 inch seam from the bottom edge of the chicken and pin it closed. Hand sew the seam shut. 

Display the Eggs

Add your fabric eggs to a basket and display. They will add a colorful touch to your table. 

Display With Chicken

Add your little chicken with the fabric eggs for a touch of whimsy. Both the fabric eggs and chicken will brighten up your home for spring. 

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