Make a Decoupage Pumpkin

Turn a plain pumpkin into a botanical display for a pretty fall vignette.

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Photo by Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Decoupage Botanical Pumpkins

If you are not a fan of carving, cover your pumpkins instead. Decoupage is a quick way to decorate your pumpkin with fun papers and leaves or plants from your yard. To do this project you will need a pumpkin, decoupage glue, craft brush, scissors, decorative paper or an old book and a fern leaf.

Wash and Dry Your Pumpkin

Give your pumpkin a good wash to remove any dirt from the surface. Make sure you dry the surface well.

Cut the Paper

Cut the paper into thin strips. This will make it easier to wrap around the pumpkin.

Cut Plenty of Paper

Cut more paper than you think you will need. It's hard to stop in the middle of applying the paper to cut more. You will have sticky hands.

Apply Glue to the Pumpkin

Apply a generous amount of the decoupage glue to a vertical strip of the pumpkin's surface.

Apply Strip of Paper

Lay one strip of paper over the glued surface.

Apply More Glue

Apply another generous layer of decoupage glue over the strip of paper.

Smooth Out the Bubbles

Continue to apply strips of paper and more glue. If any of the paper starts to bubble, smooth it down with your fingertips.

Cover the Gaps

If there are any gaps in the paper, especially at the top, cover them with smaller bits of paper and glue. 

Add the Ferns

Add a piece of the fern to the wet surface of the pumpkin. If the area looks like it dried, apply more glue first, then the fern. Apply additional decoupage glue over the surface of the fern. Continue to add the ferns to the pumpkin in your desired pattern. Let it dry for a couple of hours; it will dry clear.

Display Pumpkin in a Vignette

Add some accessories around your newly dressed up pumpkin. Dried flowers, grasses, acorns and mini pumpkins will add a finishing touch. 

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