Make a Beaded Necklace for Cats

A little glue goes a long way toward making this fun-to-assemble beaded kitty necklace.
By: Deborah Cahill


Choose your own beads, throw in a jingle bell and your cat will be dressed to the nines, which is almost as good as having nine lives.

Choose your own beads, throw in a jingle bell and your cat will be dressed to the nines, which is almost as good as having nine lives.

Jewelry artist Deborah Cahill demonstrates how easy it is to make this necklace.

Materials Needed:

  • 5 mm bead and jewelry monofilament stretchy cord (such as "Stretch Magic" 5mm bead and jewelry cord.)
  • glue stick
  • beads of choice
  • small jingle bell
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • clip or scotch tape
  • large magazine
  • 2 cotton balls or pieces of cotton
  • liquid glue, such as G-S Hypo Cement


1. Measure the cat's neck loosely and add one inch. This will allow the necklace to drape so it isn't too tight. Note: These necklaces are not suitable for use with leashes.

2. Measure the same length in stretchy cord, add six inches and cut. Use the cut cord as a template and cut three more pieces.

3. Gather the four cord pieces evenly together at one end. Note: For knotting purposes, there will be extra room at both ends of the necklace.

4. Rub the four ends that are evenly together across the glue stick or dip them in liquid glue. Make sure they are all evenly coated and form a point similar to a needle. Tip: This is much easier than using a needle with four strands of plastic thread.

5. Clip the other loose end of the strands. If you don't have a clip, tape together all four threads at the very tip. Be sure to have at least 1/4 of an inch taped on half of the piece of tape. Fold over tape on top of ends.

6. Open magazine to the center. Use the crease in the magazine to hold the beads in a straight line. Tuck the cotton balls into each end of the magazine to keep the beads from rolling out. You can also mark the neck measurement in the magazine as well. Don't forget to add in one extra inch.



7. Place your beads in the magazine's crease and create a design within the measurements.

8. Place the jingle bell in the center of your design. Make sure the last bead in the end of the design has a large opening to accommodate the final knots of your cords.

9. Start with the last bead and put the glued end of the cords through the bead like a needle. Repeat with the rest of your beads.

10. Tie all ends together. Knot several times. Tighten by grasping both the ends and the necklace sections and pull. Square knots work well.



11. Put a drop of glue on the knots and adjust beads so the knots are pulled into the large holed bead. Let glue dry.

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