Laminated Wood Pen

Aaron Lau handcrafts a beautiful laminated wood pen with crushed turquoise.


Materials and Tools:

Hawaiian Koa wood
crushed turquoise
Box Elder burl wood
pen parts
band saw
lathe and mandrel with metal attachments
polyurethane glue
cyanoacrylate glue
25/64" and 15/32" brass tubing
drill press and 25/64" and 15/32" drill bits
wood carving tools for the lathe
150-, 300- and 400-grit sandpaper
clear finishing coat


1. Cut the Koa wood piece to pen length on a band saw. Wear safety glasses.

2. Cut the Box Elder burl wood piece to pen length on a band saw. Wear safety glasses.



3. Cut a short piece off one end of the two wood pieces at a 45-degree angle.

4. Cut acrylic into two segments the same size as the angled end dimensions.



5. Glue one piece of acrylic between a piece of Koa and Box Elder burl for the pen top. Glue the other piece of acrylic to a piece of Koa and Box Elder burl for the bottom of the pen. Let dry for 24 hours.



6. Cut a piece each of two different diameters of brass tubing to length for the pen top and pen bottom.



7. Drill corresponding holes in the pen top and bottom to insert brass tubes using a drill press and appropriate size drill bit.

8. Glue brass tubes into the drilled holes using polyurethane glue.



9. Trim the ends of each half. Place each half onto a mandrel on the lathe.

10. Turn the wood pen pieces on the lathe to the desired shape of the pen.

11. Cut grooves into the pen while it is on the lathe.



12. Apply cyanoacrylate glue into the grooves. Press crushed turquoise onto the glue. Let dry.



13. While the wood pen pieces are still on the lathe, sand them using 150-grit sandpaper. Continue sanding using finer grit sandpaper until the pieces are very smooth.



14. Finish the laminated wood pen with a desired finishing coat applied with a cloth. Let dry.

16. Assemble the laminated wood pen using the pen parts.

Aaron Lau loved helping his grandfather make things with wood. As he got older, his grandfather let him use a hammer and eventually a band saw. His time spent with his grandfather was magical and very special. When he passed away a few years ago, Aaron decided to continue making wood items so that he didn’t forget the skills his grandfather taught him.


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