Knit a Pair of Lace-Trimmed Legwarmers

Learn how to knit a unique pair of legwarmers trimmed with a knitted lace look-a-like.


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Marnie MacLean has designed a pair of lace-trimmed, flared legwarmers that will warm your legs. This is an intermediate knitter's project.

Note: Remember that many yarns are seasonal and could be discontinued. If the specific yarn called for is not available, purchase a substitution yarn that comes closest to the specified gauge in your pattern. And be sure to make that all-important swatch to see whether the yarn works for your particular pattern.

Gauge: 17.5 stitches/24 rows = 4"/10 cm

Materials Needed:

  • Artfibers Smoothie or Ballet: 2 skeins Brown-Multi or color of choice
  • Artfibers Tai Chi: 1 skein Purple or color of choice
  • needles: US 10.5, straight or circular; US 8, straight or circular; US 5, double-pointed
  • crochet hook: US size H
  • tapestry needle

Main Section

CO 65 st.
Rows 1-10: Work in rev ST st (reverse stockinette stitch).
Row 12: BO 18 st. Work remaining st to end.
Row 13: Work to end of row and CO 18 stitches.
*Work 20 rows in rev ST st.
BO 18 st Work remaining st to end.
Work to end of row and CO 18 st* (row 37).
Repeat from *-* one more time.
Repeat Rows 1-10 one more time.
Sew together the back seam (these will be the CO and BO rows).
"Rinse and repeat" for the second leg warmer.

Lace Inserts

Note: You'll need 6 of these.
CO 25 (or multiples of 3+1 if you want more or less lace) on the size 8 needles with Tai Chi yarn.
Row 1. *K2, P1* to last stitch, K1.
Row 2: P1, *K2, P2* to end.
Repeat these 2 rows for a total of 15 rows.
Row 16: P1, K1, *drop 1 stitch off needle, P1, K1*to end.
Rows 17/18: Knit the knits and purl the purls (K1, P1 ribbing).
Rows 19/20/21: Decrease 1 stitch on each end while repeating K1 P1 ribbing.
Row 22: *K2tog, P2tog* to last st, K1.

With right side facing you (the side with reverse STst), align one lace inset with the one slit in the legwarmer. Using Ballet or Smoothie yarn and crochet hook, single-crochet up one side of slit and down the other side to secure lace in place. Repeat for each slit.



Ribbing and Lace Bind-Off

Pick up 72 st around the top of leg warmer on size-5 dpn with Tai Chi.
Place stitch marker between first and last stitch.
*K2, P2* for 6 rows.
*K2tog, YO, P2tog, YO* around.
*K2, P2* around for 3 more rows.

Picot Bind Off

BO 2 stitches, *slip last stitch from right needle back to the left needle, cast on 2 stitches, BO 4* around. Cut yarn and pull through last loop.


With crochet hook and Ballet yarn, crochet a chain long enough to go around your calf and tie in a bow. Leave an 8" tail at both ends. Weave the chain through the eyelets. Attach small tassels made of Ballet, bead, buttons, etc. Weave in all loose ends. Block the whole piece lightly to prevent curling along the raw edges.

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