Knit a Mixed Yarn Poncho

Try these suggestions for combining yarns to add versatility to your knitting projects, including an easy poncho.
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Mix and match yarns however you want to create a basic poncho. Get started with our tips.

Combining Yarns

When it comes to combining yarns, the sky's the limit. You'll be amazed at the variety of effects you can achieve by simply trying different yarns together. Below are just a few suggestions.

  • Knitting together smooth yarns in contrasting colors results in a tweed-looking fabric.
  • Knitting smooth yarns that are close in tone results in a fabric that has a more mottled appearance.
  • Mixing yarns of similar colors but different textures produces subtle, rich-looking fabric.



  • Mixing eyelash yarns can result in unexpected color combinations. Experiment with combining colors that you wouldn't normally. It's unpredictable and totally unlike mixing paint or other yarns.

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    Knitting Stripes

    When knitting stripes, you have to decide whether to cut the yarn at the end of each stripe or leave it hanging and carry it up the side the next time you use that color. The narrower the stripe, the easier it is to carry (Image 1).

    Generally, on an item like a scarf where the edge will be seen, you can comfortably carry the yarn up half an inch; wider stripes (Image 2) require you to cut the yarn at the end of each stripe. On a piece where the edge will be hidden in a seam, you may be able to carry it a full inch. If you do carry, take care to maintain even tension: neither pull too tightly (which can distort the fabric) nor leave the yarn too loose (which can form unsightly loops along the edge).

    Inconsistent tension will result in an uneven piece (Image 3). The key is to knit stripes of even numbers so that the working yarns both ends up on the same side of the knitting.

    When knitting stripes of yarns that are radically different gauges (Image 4), use the needle size recommended for the larger yarn. The fabric will be more stable if you knit wider stripes of the larger yarn and narrower stripes of the fine yarn.

    Some pieces require you to cut and carry the different stripes (Image 5).

    Knit a Striped Poncho

    Materials and Tools:

    Wool-Ease Chunky: 3 balls #152 Charcoal
    1 ball each (or as desired) of the following yarns:
    Landscapes: #276 Summer Fields
    Incredible: #201 Rainbow
    Watercolors: #352 Mist Grey
    Color Waves: #313 Sunset Red
    Fancy Fur: #213 Rainbow Red
    Fun Fur: #113 Red, #112 Raspberry, #133 Tangerine
    Moonlight Mohair: #204 Rainbow Falls
    US 11 needle
    large-eyed blunt needle

    Gauge: 14 sts + 18 rows = 4"

    Note: Poncho is made in two strips that are sewn together lengthwise.


    Strip (make 2)
    Cast on 22 sts. Work in garter stitch (knit every row), changing yarn as whim dictates, until piece measures 48 inches. Bind off loosely and weave in ends.

    Sew strips together lengthwise to make wider strip. Then sew short edge to long edge at the end to form a point. Point of poncho can be worn to the front or side.

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