Kid's Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Frankenstein's Daughter

Turn your tween into a fashion-forward teenage Frankenstein for Halloween using our easy-to-follow makeup tutorial.
Tween Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Tween Frankenstein Halloween Costume

By: Traci Hines, Becky Sapp and Jason Amos

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Materials Needed:

  • green cream makeup
  • light green eye shadow
  • fluffy blending brush
  • pink blush
  • blush brush
  • brown or gray eyebrow pencil
  • purple or mauve eye shadow in dark and light shade
  • eye shadow brush
  • black eyeliner (liquid or pencil)
  • mascara
  • black yarn
  • scissors
  • clear eyelash glue
  • red liner
  • red lipstick
  • prosthetic bolts (optional)
  • spirit gum or liquid latex (optional)
  • wig and/or hair mascara in black and white
  • bobby pins
  • plaid ensemble for costume
  • accessories (bracelets, purse, skull earrings)

Apply Makeup Base

Begin with a green cream makeup base. Cover entire face using a sponge (Image 1), making sure to give the skin smooth, even coverage, blending the cream makeup down the neck too (Image 2). Tip: You are changing the color of the skin completely, so this look works for girls with any skin tone.

Deepen Green Color and Add Blush

Using a fluffy blending brush and a light green eye shadow, cover the face everywhere the green cream makeup was applied (Image 1). Add a touch of pink blush to apples of cheeks (Image 2).

Define Eyes and Apply Eye Shadow

Define eyebrows with brown or gray eyebrow pencil (Image 1). Cover eyelids with a purple or mauve eyeshadow and blend up to crease (Image 2). Use a slightly lighter shade at the halfway point and blend the colors together (Image 3).

Add Eyeliner and Mascara

For older girls who are comfortable wearing eye makeup, add black liner and mascara to top and bottom lashes to define them and make the eyes appear larger (Images 1 and 2).

Add Stitch Lines to Cheek and Neck

On one cheek, draw a short line with black liner under eye, angling down toward the jawbone (Image 1). Shade under line with a touch of mauve or purple eyeshadow to make it appear three-dimensional. Next, use black liner to draw vertical stitch lines or, for a super-easy way to make the detail appear more realistic, glue little pieces of black yarn across the drawn line using eyelash glue (Images 2 and 3). Tip: To remove at the end of the night, simply dab makeup remover on top of yarn and peel off. Continue stitch effect across the neck using black liner (Image 4). Shade around stitch effect on neck with a touch of mauve or purple eye shadow to make it appear three-dimensional (Image 5).

Paint Lips

Line lips and fill in with red liner (Image 1). Using a rich red lipstick, coat lips (Image 2). Tip: Go over the natural lip line to make the lips appear larger.

Add Bolts

Add 3-D prosthetic bolts to neck using spirit gum or liquid latex (Images 1-3). Make sure to test for allergies first if your child has never used this product before. Tip: You can get fun prosthetic pieces like these at any Halloween supply or costume shop.

Finishing Touches

Use hair mascara to create black and white stripes, or opt for a pre-styled wig to save time and create a more striking impression (Image 1). Tip: Don't forget to bobby-pin the wig on so it stays put through playtime and trick-or-treating. Finish the look with a plaid ensemble and fashionable accessories (Image 2).

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