Kelly Bell crafts an old fashioned make-do Jack-O-Lantern art piece.


Materials and Tools:

old rusted bedspring
1/2 yard of orange felt
1/2 yard of black felt
1/4 yard of checked fabric
6 raffia strands
several mixed buttons
black sewing thread
doll needle
hot glue gun
hot glue



1. Cut two pieces of orange felt into 12" x 12" squares. Place the squares on top of each other and stitch up the sides using a straight stitch on the sewing machine and 1/4-inch seam allowances. Leave the top and bottom ends open. Turn the tube so seam allowances are on the inside.


2. Using black thread hand sew a running stitch around the outside of one open end of the orange felt tube. Pull it tight to gather the end together and tie a knot.


3. Place the gathered end on the work surface and stuff the inside with pillow stuffing.


4. Hand sew a running stitch around the open end, pull tight to gather and tie a knot to enclose the stuffing.


5. Use a long needle and thread to loop around the body of the pumpkin from bottom to top going down through the center with the needle sectioning off the pumpkin, pulling the stitches tightly to form the pumpkin shape.


6. From black felt cut two triangles for eyes, one triangle for the nose and a half moon shape for the mouth. Stitch onto the side of the body of the pumpkin for the face using large crooked stitches. Stitch buttons in the center of the eyes.


7. Hot glue the pumpkin onto the bedspring.


8. Fashion a hat from black felt by cutting a rectangle 18" x 18" and a 6 inch diameter circle. Stitch the rectangle into a tube and stitch the circle on one end of the tube. Turn right side out.

9. Stitch the brim of the hat by cutting two circles of black felt 9 inches in diameter and stitching them together, leaving a small opening. Turn right sides out and insert a piece of floral wire to shape the brim. Hand stitch closed.


10. Hot glue the top of the hat to the brim.

11. Hot glue the hat to the pumpkin.


12. Wrap a black and white checked fabric piece around the brim as a hatband. Hot glue buttons onto the band.

13. Fashion a bow with checked fabric and hot glue to the neck area. Stitch on a button. Insert a few strands of raffia into the hatband.

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