How to Sew a Card Table Slipcover

Card tables are convenient to use when entertaining over the holidays, but they can be eyesores. A simple slipcover that is fitted and washable (not to mention pretty) is the perfect solution.
Fitted Card Table Slipcover

Fitted Card Table Slipcover

Materials Needed:

  • 2 1/2 yards white cotton twill fabric (54-60" wide)
  • 4 yards cotton cording
  • sewing machine with zipper foot
  • scissors
  • yard stick
  • white all-purpose thread
  • iron

Cut Fabric

Prewash white cotton twill fabric in warm water and dry on high. Using sharp scissors, cut twill to table dimensions plus approximately three inches overhang on each side.

Card Table Slipcover

Card Table Slipcover

Sew Darts

Turn the cut twill so what will be the top is facing down and center it on the card table. Pinch and pin fabric in two places on each corner to create darts. This will pull fabric tight around table top. Sew each dart and remove pins. Turn slipcover over and put on table to ensure a tight fit.

Make and Pin Piping

Cut cotton cording to length, so it will wrap around entire table once. From the remaining unused twill, cut a strip of fabric that is 2 inches wide and same length as cord. Wrap around cording and sew with zipper foot. Turn cotton twill fitted to table inside out and pin piping along bottom edge of table. Make sure raw edges are facing same direction. Fold ends under where piping edges meet. Sew using a zipper foot and remove pins.

Make Skirt

Use a yard stick to determine approximate drop length desired for skirt. (About seven inches is generally a good drop length.) For a seven-inch skirt, sew 15” squares of fabric together to create a piece long enough to wrap around table circumference twice. Press seams open where fabric is stitched together. Fold skirt piece in half length-wise with right sides facing out. Press the fold.

Pleat and Sew Skirt

Turn all pieces of the slipcover inside out and fit around the table. Pleat skirt with folds facing in same direction, about two inches deep and four inches apart. Place pins just above piping with all raw edges facing the same directions. Be mindful of how much fabric is remaining, so there is enough to go around entire table. Pin seam where skirt ends meet, making sure raw edge will be on underside of skirt. Using a sewing machine equipped with a zipper foot, sew along piping edge, removing pins along the way. Sew seam where skirt ends meet. Trim threads. Turn slipcover right side out and place on table. Press if necessary. Slipcover can be machine washed and dried. Use bleach or spot cleaner on stubborn stains.

Pleat and Sew the Fitted Card Table Slipcover

Pleat and Sew the Fitted Card Table Slipcover

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