How to Make Paper Earrings and Pendant Set

This sparkling jewelry set looks more like shimmering stone and less like paper.

Materials and Tools:



black card stock
20-gauge black Fun Wire
22- and 24-gauge silver Artistic Wire
bamboo skewer
hot glue gun
heat gun
3-1/2" square double-sided tape (or use scraps)
silver embossing enamel - UTEE
black embossing enamel - UTEE
black tiny glass marbles - Halcraft
black bugle bead mix - Halcraft
small jet black bead assortment - Halcraft
black jewelry cording 36" or desired length



1. Coil black wire around bamboo skewer. Cut a 1-1/2-inch long coil.

2. Cut out shape pattern. Sandwich between two pieces of tape. Trim edges of tape next to pattern.

3. Peel off one side of tape liner and set aside.

4. Cut two, 3-1/2 inch pieces of black wire. Beginning at point, outline shape leaving 1-1/2 inches extending out the top of the pendant. Repeat for other side. Trim corners to point if necessary. Bend wires.

5. Embellish with a four-inch piece of silver wire. Coil one end. Start at back and wrap around front to desired design. Hot glue in place. Using the pink liner as a mask, replace the liner as shown in picture. Sprinkle Silver UTEE onto tape. Remove mask and sprinkle on tiny black beads and bugle beads as desired. Use heat gun to heat set UTEE. Let cool completely before touching.

6. Peel off back liner from tape. Sprinkle entire back area with black UTEE. Use pliers to hold and heat set UTEE. Let cool completely before touching.

7. Thread a 4-inch black wire through the coil. Add beads and loop to finish. Repeat with other side, trimming end to create same size loop.

8. Bend wires at the top of the pendant back, forming a slight loop big enough for the coil to fit into. Press wires to back side of pendant.

9. Thread jewelry cord through the loop and back up. Hold with pliers and wrap black wire around to secure in place. Trim cording flush with wire. Repeat for other side.


1. Cut out basic shapes. Outline of earrings with UTEE instead of wire. Embellish earrings to match pendant.

2. Create two jump rings by cutting two pieces of silver wire 1/2 inch and bending until edges meet.

3. Poke hole in center of top and insert silver jump ring.

4. Coil wire, then create a zigzag formation using the pliers to bend the wire back and forth at each coil. Finish with a bead. Loop and bring wire to the back and trim to desired length.

5. Attach jump ring to bottom of coil.

6. Earring size can be adjusted according to taste by the size of the coil and the amount of the zigzags.

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