How to Make a Wood Shim Table Runner

Bring a rustic-chic look to your holiday tablescape with an easy-to-make wood shim table runner.

Dress Up Your Table

Give your everyday table a chic transformation with this easy-to-make wood shim table runner. And you need less than 10 materials to make it. You'll need: 3 packs of wood shims per 6-foot-long table; pen; wood stain; paintbrush; hot glue gun; hot glue sticks; measuring tape 2 1/2 yards of canvas per 6-foot-long table; fabric scissors.

Mark Canvas

In order to create a surface for the wood shims to adhere to, they'll need a backing cut from canvas. Unfurl the canvas to its intended overall length, then place a wood shim on top. Use the measuring tape to mark the width of the shim to the canvas with a pen.

Cut Canvas

Once canvas is marked, cut along the marked line for depth, then cut it to its overall length using fabric scissors. Tip: An easy way to determine length is by adding an additional 16 inches to the overall length of your table; this results in 8 inches of overhang at each end.

Dry-Fit Shims

Place wood shims on top of the cut canvas. For a dimensional effect, flip each shim in the opposite direction.

Add Stain

Using a paintbrush, apply stain to each wood shim.

Apply Glue

Apply glue to the bottom of each wood shim and quickly set in place on the canvas.

Touch Up

Once all shims are in place and the glue has dried, touch up any edges that may have been nicked using stain.

Prepare for Guests

Your finished table runner is perfect for adding extra oomph to your year-round dining room table during the holidays. But you can keep it up past the holidays, too.

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