How to Make a Swirling Stemmed Glass Goblet

Create unique green glassware with curving stems with this glassblowing project.

Materials and Tools:



clear glass rods
green glass powder
50mm clear tubing
clear glass rod
graphite tools
graphite reamer
annealing kiln
oxy-propane torch
didymium glasses
marver pad
wrist mandrel
protective arm sleeves
metal claw


1. Heat the hollow portion of 50mm clear glass tubing using an oxy-propane torch. Pull the ends, stretching the heated glass, and allow it to harden.

2. Break the glass at a narrow point along the tube creating handles at each end.

3. Heat the hollow portion of the glass in the flame and roll it in green glass powder to add color. Heat it again in the flame, turning constantly. Repeat this process three times. Give the glass a gentle blow through one end of the tube to create the cup of the goblet.

4. Continue heating and blowing into the glass until the goblet is shaped. While hot, pull off the bottom handle.

5. Heat the bottom of the goblet and shape it.

6. Heat a clear glass rod and attach it to the bottom of the goblet for a handle.

7. Heat the top of the goblet and remove the end of the glass tube. Press a graphite reamer inside to flare out the top of the goblet while keeping the glass turning in the flame.

8. Set the goblet cup in the kiln at 1050 degrees.

9. To make the goblet foot, repeat steps 1-8. Remove the reamer and spin the foot rapidly in the flame. The glass will form a circle. Set it into the kiln, leaving the "handle" end of the glass tube out of the kiln.

10. To make the stem, heat a solid glass rod in the flame and roll it in green glass powder.

11. Heat it in the torch until the solid rod becomes soupy. Heat a wrist mandrel in the flame. Wrap the heated end of the glass rod around the wrist mandrel to create a uniquely twisted and swirled stem.

12. Continue heating until the desired shape is achieved. Set in the kiln.

13. To assemble the goblet, remove the foot from the kiln. Grab the bottom of the foot with a metal claw. Heat the handle end of the foot and remove the handle.

14. Remove the stem from the kiln and heat it in the flame. Attach it to the top of the foot. Heat the two together. Place the assembly in the kiln.

15. Remove the goblet cup from the kiln by picking it up by the handle. Grab the top of the cup with the metal claw. Heat the handle in the flame and remove the handle from the goblet cup.

16. Retrieve the stem and foot assembly from the kiln. Heat the top of the stem and bottom of the goblet cup and weld the two together. Heat to smooth the glass.

17. Place the piece back into the kiln to anneal.

Joshua Opdenaker, Philadelphia

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