How to Make a Slumped Glass Wavy Bowl

Fuse a floral design onto a vibrant red slumped bowl that's as functional as it is beautiful.


Materials and Tools:

12" x 12" sheet of red glass
12" x 12" sheet of clear glass
dichroic glass
pre-made glass squiggles
pre-made glass dragonfly
small metal glasscutter
rubber handle glasscutter
oil for the glasscutter tool
white glue
wet grinder
table with rug on top (cutting table)
kiln shelf (ceramic)
kiln (glass oven)
pre-made mold
mold release
soap and water
permanent marker
paper (template)
safety glasses
glass fiber paper 


  1. Draw a desired plate design on a piece of 12" x 12" paper. Make it the same size as the finished piece.
  2. Select the red glass for the 12" x 12" square and the dichroic glass for the sunflower design.
  3. Place the glass over the drawing and trace the design onto the glass.
  4. Wearing safety glasses, cut out the glass pieces with the glasscutter tools.
  5. Grind all the glass pieces smooth.
  6. Clean each piece with water and a dry cloth.
  7. Place the pieces on the red glass square and tack them down with a tiny spot of white glue.
  8. Add pre-made fun squiggles and a dragonfly, all made of glass that will fuse with the glass in the kiln.
  9. Place a piece of fiber paper on top of the ceramic kiln shelf.
  10. Place the glass project on top of the paper.
  11. Put a piece of clear glass on top of the design to make the piece safe for food consumption.
  12. Put it all in the kiln and fire to 1400 degrees F and hold for 30 minutes or longer.
  13. Ramp the heat down and hold the temperature at 960 degrees F for one hour.
  14. Let the kiln cool slowly to anneal/strengthen the glass piece.
  15. Remove the glass bowl, clean it off and smooth the edges.
  16. Place the glass on top of the mold with the design facing down.
  17. Heat the kiln to 1100 degrees F for 10-12 hours.
  18. Let the wavy glass bowl cool slowly.
  19. Remove the wavy glass bowl, wash it and it's ready for use.

Jezebel, Santa Fe, N.M.

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