How to Make a Silver Ladle Vanity Mirror

Give a contemporary twist to an old-fashioned vanity mirror with a silver ladle.


Materials and Tools:

silver-plated ladle 2-3 inches across
steel block
flush cutter
hand drill with 1/16" titanium bit
18-gauge nails
acrylic paints and paintbrushes
clear gloss medium
2-1/2" to 3" round mirror
bead chain (large ceiling fan type)
silver jewelry, earring, brooch, etc.
rebar wire
E6000 glue
fine-grit sandpaper
needle-nose pliers
hair dryer


1. Place the ladle, with the bowl facing down, on a steel bench block. Hold on to the handle of the ladle and pound the top of the bowl's arc with a hammer in a circular pattern.

2. Flip the ladle over to flatten it completely.

3. Once flattened, cover the handle side with a rag and place it on the bench block. Pound the area where the handle and mirror meet. Covering this area with a rag will prevent scratching.

4. Paint the decorative side of the flattened ladle with acrylic paint in desired colors. Use fine tip paintbrushes to apply the paint in small, even strokes across the surface of the ladle and down the handle. Use colors and designs that will complement the jewelry you have chosen. The paint will dry quicker if you hold a blow dryer on low heat over the design for approximately 4-5 minutes.

5. Coat the decorative side with a clear gloss medium by squeezing the product from the bottle onto the decorative side of the mirror and smoothing it with your finger. Note: A brush will create air bubbles. Let dry.

6. Prepare selected jewelry. Flatten the jewelry by covering it with a rag on the bench block and pounding it lightly with a hammer.

7. Clip earring backs or pin backs off with flush cutters.

8. To rivet the jewelry pieces, put on safety glasses, clamp one of the jewels to the ladle base and the worktable. Drill through both the jewelry and the ladle base. Remove the clamp.

9. Insert a nail into the drilled hole.

10. Holding the nail and jewelry in place, flip the ladle over and place it on the work surface. Cut the nail close to the ladle with flush cutters.

11. Pound the cut end of the nail with a hammer. Put two nail rivets in each piece of jewelry to secure.

12. Continuing adding pieces of jewelry to the decorative side of the ladle until the desired design is achieved.

13. Cut a 32-inch length of rebar wire. Curl one end of the wire into a spiral with needle-nose pliers. Place the spiral at the base of the ladle handle and wrap the wire around the handle and around the decorated ladle. Curl a spiral at the other end of the wire.

14. Rivet the wire onto the ladle into the center of each spiral using the method described above.

15. Apply silicone glue to the mirror side of the ladle and attach the mirror.

16. Apply glue around the edge of the mirror and glue a silver chain or necklace around the mirror to hide the edge. Let the piece dry for 24 hours.

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