How to Make a Rainbow Fish Sculpture

Make a whimsical fish sculpture from a coconut palm with these simple steps.


Materials and Tools:

coconut-palm seedpod
coconut-palm bark
parrot and turkey feathers
artist's acrylic paints (in tubes)
silver metallic acrylic craft paint
screw eyes
utility knife
needle-nose pliers
wire cutter
cordless power drill
hot-glue gun and glue


1. Sketch a fish design on paper.

2. Based on the sketch, cut out paper templates for the tail fin, top and mid fins.

3. Cut a seedpod from a coconut tree with a handsaw.

4. Carve the ends of the coconut seedpod into the shape of the fish body with a utility knife.

5. Drill two holes in the back of the fish body for attaching a bead-and-button fish eye. Drill a hole in the mouth of the fish for attaching a fishhook.

6. Sand the edges of the pod smooth with sandpaper.

7. Cut the flexible bark from the palm tree for the fins. Place the fin templates on the bark and cut around it with scissors.

8. Paint the fish body and fins with silver acrylic craft paint. Let dry.

9. Paint highlights on the fish body with blue, purple and rose-colored artist acrylic paints.

10. Paint highlights on the fish fins with blue, purple and rose-colored artist acrylic paints or the colors of your choice.

11. Hot-glue the fins and tail onto the edge of the fish body.

12. Stack a bead on top of a button and thread a piece of wire through the holes. Attach the wire to the two holes drilled in the body of the fish for the eye. Twist the wires on the back of the fish body to hold the eye in place.

13. Cut a piece of palm bark in the shape of a fishhook. Paint it silver and attach feathers to the top of the fishhook with hot glue.

14. Cut a piece of wire for the fishhook and thread it through the drilled hole in the mouth of the fish. Twist the wires on the back to secure the hook in place.

15. Attach screw eyes and wire on the back for hanging the sculpture.

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