How to Make a No-Sew Felt Stocking

Bring one-of-a-kind charm to your mantel this holiday season with quick and easy, DIY stockings.
A Row of Stockings

A Row of Stockings

Materials Needed:

  • drapery-weight, upholstery-weight or felt fabric/yard
  • fabric scissors
  • fabric glue
  • embellishments
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • extension cord

Cut Fabric and Pin Template

Print this template on paper or card stock. Cut two pieces of fabric to size, larger than the size of the template, then stack them one of top of the other. Next, place template on top of the stacked fabric, holding it in place with pins.

Cutting a Template onto Fabric

Cutting a Template onto Fabric

Cut Out Template

With template held securely to stacked fabric with pins, cut along lines of template and through both stacked pieces of fabric using fabric scissors.

Cut Out a Stocking Template

Cut Out a Stocking Template

Detach Cut-Out

Once template is completely cut with scissors, separate the scrap fabric and paper or card stock from the newly-shaped stocking fabric. Tip: It's extra important to ensure that both pieces of fabric are exactly the same size, otherwise the stocking may hang in a lopsided manner.

Use a Template for Multiple Pieces of Fabric

Use a Template for Multiple Pieces of Fabric

Pull Fabric Apart

Separate the two identical fabric cut-outs by pulling them apart.

Cut Multiple Fabric Pieces Together

Cut Multiple Fabric Pieces Together

Add Glue to First Half of Stocking

Using a hot glue gun and glue sticks, add glue around the edges of one half of the first stocking cut-out. Tip: It's often easier to glue the top portion of the stocking first and the bottom portion of the stocking last.

Skip the Sewing Kit with a Glue Gun

Skip the Sewing Kit with a Glue Gun

Assemble First Half of Stocking

Place second fabric stocking cut-out directly on top of the glued portion of the first. The glue from the half-covered portion of the first stocking will bond with the same portion of the second stocking. Tip: The stockings are assembled in halves in order to help ensure proper adhesion and to eliminate any shifting in fabric.

Assembling the First Half of a Stocking

Assembling the First Half of a Stocking

Add Glue to Second Half of Stocking

Fold back unglued portions of first and second fabric stocking cut-outs, then add hot glue around the edges of the first stocking cut-out.

Use a Glue Gun Instead of a Sewing Kit

Use a Glue Gun Instead of a Sewing Kit

Press Together

Carefully and firmly press both stocking cut-out pieces together.

Create a Stocking with Two Pieces of Felt

Create a Stocking with Two Pieces of Felt

Fold Stocking Inside Out

Fold entire stocking inside out so that the glued seams are on the interior.

A No-Sew Stocking Uses Two Felt Pieces

A No-Sew Stocking Uses Two Felt Pieces

Add Finishing Touches

Once folded, clean up any loose threads or acquired dust with a lint roller, then add any embellishments with hot glue gun.

Finished Felt Stocking

Finished Felt Stocking

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