How to Make a Handpainted Funky Wood Chair

Paint a design on an old chair and attach a fun fabric with this project.


Materials and Tools:

old wooden chair with upholstered seat
sandpaper or electric hand sander
wood filler
wood glue
spray primer
various colors of acrylic paint
circle templates
paintbrushes of various sizes
pencil eraser
polyurethane spray
electric wood-carving tool
2-inch-thick upholstery foam
chair seat-cover fabric
spray adhesive
staple gun
paint pens
power screwdriver
soap and water or wood cleaner
safety glasses


1. Remove the seat from the chair with a power screwdriver. Clean the chair with soap and water or wood cleaner.



2. Sand the chair and fill in problem areas with wood filler. Repair anything that’s unstable with wood glue or filler and a sander. After sanding, remove the sanding residue with a clean towel.

3. Spray the chair with white primer. If the wood is dark, apply a second coat after the first coat is dry.

4. Paint the legs with acrylic paint, and then paint the back of the chair. Let dry.

5. Lay out your design on the chair back. With a pencil, lightly draw a preliminary sketch of the design on the back of the chair with a ruler, a compass and circle templates.

6. Outline the design with a black paint pen. Paint the design using various colors of acrylic paint, and include a band of color on the legs.

7. Spray the chair with polyurethane for a glossy appearance and to protect it from damage.

8. Remove the upholstery from the seat, using a screwdriver and pliers to remove staples. Place the wood seat on the upholstery foam and trace around the seat. Cut out the foam with scissors.



9. Glue the foam to the wood with spray adhesive.

10. Place the foam-covered seat on the decorative fabric and cut out the fabric, ensuring that there’s enough fabric to wrap around the underside of the seat.

11. Staple the material onto the chair seat with a staple gun. Wrap the fabric to the back and pull it tight. Remove excess fabric at the corners and staple in place smoothly.

12. Attach the seat to the chair with the original screws.

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