How to Make a Halloween Feather Wreath

Bring a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decor with this fun feather wreath. Add ribbon or a colorful feather embellishment to customize it even further.
Black Feather Wreath for Halloween

Black Feather Wreath for Halloween

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Materials Needed:

  • 18" straw wreath form
  • two 10-yard packages of black feather trim
  • one black feather boa
  • scissors
  • high-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • ribbon and additional feathers for embellishment

Apply Glue and Add Feathers

Preheat hot glue gun. Cut feather trim into four five-yard sections. Once hot, apply hot glue to wreath form in small sections and immediately press first five-yard section of feather trim into glue. Hold in place while glue cools. Continue to wrap feather trim around wreath, gluing into place.

Apply Glue and Feathers

Apply Glue and Feathers

Continue to Apply Feather Trim

Once first five-yard section of feather trim is attached, leave a three-inch gap and start applying second five-yard section of feather trim. These gaps will be filled in later with pieces of feather boa. Make sure feathers overlap so wreath form is not visible.

Tip: Feathers can be applied so they all face same direction, or have all feathers on left side of wreath facing left and down and those on right side facing right and down.

Decorative Feathers on Wreath

Decorative Feathers on Wreath

Fill In With Feather Boa

With sharp scissors, cut feather boa into four pieces. Apply hot glue to one of the gaps left between feather trim. Immediately wrap one piece of feather boa around hot glue, making sure wreath form is covered. Repeat this process with three other pieces of feather boa. Because feathered trim and feathered boas have different textures, this adds more interest and "fluff" to wreath.

Tips: For a smooth wreath, use all feather trim with some loose crow feathers. For a fluffier wreath, use only feathered boas.

Make Embellishment (Optional)

Weave wired ribbon back and forth about five times, then pinch center with fingers. Trim ribbon off roll. Use a feathered hair clip to hold bow in place and attach to wreath. Hang wreath from ribbon on a door, over a mirror or as a backdrop for a Halloween buffet.

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