How to Make a Ceramic Sink

Design a gorgeous scalloped-edge ceramic sink on your own.


Materials and Tools:

white clay
wood and plastic clay-shaping tools
green sanding pads
spray gun
potter’s wheel
potter’s wheel bats, various sizes
carving tool
wooden smoothing rib
needle tool
clay-cutting wire
electric kiln
banding wheel
circle template for creating scallops
plastic circle
loop tool
dust mask
spray-painting booth




1. Cut half a block of white clay. Wedge the clay on a work surface with your hands.

2. Center the clay on a potter’s wheel. Place your fingers in the center of the clay to create a depression.



3. Form the bowl shape on the potter’s wheel.

4. Flare the walls of the bowl with a wet sponge.



5. Create spirals on the inside of the bowl with the edge of a wooden rib.

6. Smooth the lip with a wet sponge. Flatten the top edge with a wooden rib tool.

7. Make a groove in the bottom with a plastic knife. Remove the bowl from the potter’s wheel using a clay-cutting wire. Place it on a circular bat.

8. Let the bowl set up to the leather hard stage.



9. Place the ceramic piece right side up on a banding wheel. Place the circle template on the top of the bowl.

10. Use a needle tool to mark the five points around the rim where the scallops will be cut.



11. Place the plastic circle at each mark and score the clay around the edge of the circle with a needle tool to indicate the areas to be cut out for the scallops.

12. Cut the scalloped edges from the rim of the sink. Smooth the edges with a wet sponge. Let dry.

13. Turn the ceramic piece over onto a circular bat and place the bat on the potter’s wheel. Trim a foot ring on the bottom with a loop tool.

14. As the potter’s wheel spins, stick the needle tool straight into the center to cut a hole for the sink drain.

15. Set the ceramic sink aside to dry to the bone-dry stage.

16. Bisque-fire the sink to 1,900 F for about eight hours. Remove when cool.



17. Lightly sand the piece and remove the sanding dust by wiping it with a towel.

18. Wax the bottom of the sink with hot wax.

19. Place the sink upside down on a turntable in a spray-painting booth.

20. Mix the gold glaze and put it into a paint sprayer. Wearing a dust mask, spray the gold glaze onto the bottom of the piece. Wipe the excess glaze from the bottom.

21. Turn the piece over and spray gold glaze on the inside of the sink. Clean out the paint sprayer and put black glaze into it. Spray the edge of the sink with black glaze.

22. Put the piece into the kiln and fire to 2,140 F. Remove the sink when cool.

23. Lightly sand the bottom smooth.

24. Have a plumber install the sink.

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