How to Make a Block Print Fabric Purse

Carve a linoleum block to decorate your fabric for this floral purse.


Materials and Tools:

permanent marker
linoleum blocks
carving tools
ink: orange and camel
ink tray
floral print fabric
2 coordinating solid color fabrics (for the outside and lining)
fusible interfacing
fusible batting
fusible bonding web
magnetic snap
needle and thread
1" wide grosgrain ribbon
sewing machine
ironing board
tracing paper


  1. Place tracing paper over the fabric's flower design and outline with a pencil.
  2. Turn the tracing paper over and cover the back side heavily with a pencil to prep for a graphite transfer.
  3. Place the tracing paper face-up on the linoleum block and trace over the original drawing. The flower design will transfer onto the block.
  4. Thicken the lines on the linoleum block using a permanent marker.
  5. Carve out the negative space on the block with carving tools.
  6. Pick another smaller flower, and using the same steps above, make another linoleum block. This time, carve out the positive space.
  7. Cut four pieces of 6" x 7" solid colored fabric (two pieces of each color) for the purse and the lining. Cut a 1-inch square out of the two bottom corners. Cut four 6" x 7" pieces of iron-on fusible interfacing. Cut two 6" x 7" pieces of fusible batting.
  8. Spread orange ink on the large flower linoleum block using a brayer.
  9. Stamp flowers onto the right side of the purse fabric, inking the linoleum block as necessary.
  10. Spread camel ink on the small flower linoleum block and stamp flowers on the purse fabric until the desired design is achieved.
  11. Randomly stamp the design over the lining fabric.
  12. Let the ink dry overnight.
  13. Iron all pieces to heat-set the ink.
  14. Iron an interfacing piece to the wrong side of each of the purse fabric pieces and each of the lining fabric pieces. Iron the batting to the wrong side of the purse fabric pieces.
  15. Place the purse fabric pieces, right sides together, and stitch down each side on the sewing machine using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Stitch the bottom seam. Leave the top of the purse open.
  16. Stitch the lining pieces, right sides together, the same as the purse pieces were sewn but leave an opening in the bottom seam for turning.
  17. To stitch a corner of the purse, match the bottom seam with the side seam and stitch across, creating a flat bottom. Repeat on the other corner. Stitch the corners of the lining in the same manner.
  18. Turn the outside of the bag right side out.
  19. Attach a magnetic snap to the lining.
  20. Make the purse handles by fusing two 20-inch long pieces of grosgrain ribbon together, then top-stitch down each edge with a contrasting color thread.
  21. Baste the handle to the outside of the bag.
  22. With right sides together, place the purse inside the lining and carefully line up the side seams. Pin to secure.
  23. Sew around the top of the bag.
  24. Pull the outside of the bag through the hole in the lining.
  25. Sew up the hole in the lining by hand and push the lining down into the bag.

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