How to Create a Living Wreath

Combine elements of nature and miniature plants to create this moss-covered wreath planter.

By: Heather Patterson and Vanessa Hunt

Living Moss Wreath Planter

Tiny fairy plants and succulents are the perfect plants for a do it yourself moss wreath planter.


Supplies you will need: Styrofoam wreath form / sheet of moss / miniature plants or small succulents / potting soil / greening pins / hot glue gun and low temperature glue sticks / serrated knife / measuring tape and scissors.

Measuring Moss

Using a measuring tape and scissor, measure and cut strips of moss to wrap around your Styrofoam wreath form.

Strips of moss

Cut several pieces of five to six inch pieces of moss to cover your wreath form.

Create an Area for Planter

Using a serrated knife, measure out a seven to eight inch area at the bottom of your wreath and cut a section that will be your planter area.  Leave approximately a two inch area at the bottom of the wreath for support.

Make the Cut

Remove the Styrofoam that you have cut out.  If necessary, cut section in half for easier removal.

Planter Zone

After removing Styrofoam from bottom of wreath, you will have a space to hold your potting soil and plants.

Remove Paper Backing

Remove the protective paper backing off of your strips of moss.

Applying hot glue to moss

Using a low temperature glue,  one at a time apply a thin coat of hot glue to the back of the strips of moss.

Attaching moss to wreath form

Firmly press strips of moss to your Styrofoam wreath form, overlapping the ends towards what will be the back of your wreath.  Use greening pins to secure ends in place.

Wrapping wreath

Slightly overlapping each strip, wrap your moss strips around entire wreath, to the edges of your planter opening. Be sure to avoid any of the wreath form showing.  Pin each section at the back of the wreath for added stability.

Cover the Planter Area

Once you have wrapped your wreath to the edges of the planter, cut a large 7-inch wide by 10-inch long section of moss.  This will create the "planter" for your wreath. Hot glue and pin moss, at the back of wreath, to securely attach it.  This will become a moss pocket to place your potting soil in.

Fill Your planter With Soil

Fill your planter area with a high quality potting soil, leaving room to place your plants.

Place Your Plants

Tiny fairy plants and succulents make great additions to your living planter. Be sure to leave plenty of space between each plant for growth.

Fill in Your Planter

Choose a variety of plants, with at least one trailing plant.  This will give depth and dimension to your planter.

Enjoy Your planter all Season

Attach wire to the top of your planter, and securely hang. Your planter can be hung anywhere that can sustain regular watering.  Be sure to water your planter every few days to keep it looking fresh all season long!

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