Handmade Natural Garlands for the Holidays

Deck the halls with these beautiful garlands made from supplies you can find in your backyard.

Natural Holiday Garlands

Create your own holiday garlands using plants, seeds, nuts or hand felted balls. Choose one of these styles and modify it for personalized holiday decor.

Evergreen Supplies

To create an evergreen garland you will need a few branches of your favorite evergreen and a few flowers in the color of your choice. Lavender or blue incorporate cool winter colors into your garland, while red or white flowers would give it a more traditional Christmas feel. Create small bunches of branches and flowers and tie together with string. We used white to create an interesting contrast, however you can use green if you don't want the string to show.

String your Garland

Arrange your bunches in a pattern of evergreen and flowers and tie each bunch to the next one. Add a length of floral wire to the center of your garland if you want to be able to control its shape, or just let it drape naturally.

Garland of Spheres

To make this garland you will need a variety of round plants or garden items and some felted balls. Look for round flowers, seed pods, nuts or other natural ingredients. If your objects aren't already dried, choose things that will hold their shape as they dry. You can buy felted wool balls, or follow our simple tutorial to make your own.

Felting Supplies

To create felted balls you need wool roving, warm water, soap and a towel. You can also use felting needles to make the process a little faster, but they are optional. The hotter the water is the faster your wool will felt. Hot water and soap can be rough on your skin, so if you plan to create a lot of balls use a gentle soap.

Create a Felted Ball

To create a felted ball gently pull a small handful of wool loose from the main roving. Form it into a rough ball and dip it in the warm soapy water. Rub the wool in a circular motion between the palms of your hands to form it into a ball. The ball will be a little rough at first, wrap more strands of wool and keep dipping and rolling until it forms into a uniform ball.

Form the Ball

Continue adding yard and rolling between your palms until your ball of wool is firm and round. If you choose to use felting needles, you can use them anytime during the process to help your ball take shape by poking them repeatedly into the wool. When you are happy with the shape and size use a towel to pat the ball dry. It will need to air dry for at least a day to fully remove all of the moisture.

Assemble your Garland

When your felt balls are dry and you have gathered all your supplies together use a needle and thread to string your garland together. Use a drill to create holes in hard items like nuts or seed pods if necessary. Then hang your garland and enjoy!

Nut Garland Supplies

To create a garland using nuts, choose a few of your favorite varieties. Most nuts will work best shelled. Choose a plant element to add contrast and softness to your garland.

Assemble your Garland

Drill holes through each of the nuts and use a needle and thread to string all your elements together in a pattern.


Experiment with different elements until your garland is the perfect fit for your home. Try mixing large and small objects, for contrast, or keep everything a similar size for consistency. Use natural colors or try gilding nuts, seeds or even branches for a pop of metallic!

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