Hand Carved Stamps and Card

Elizabeth Thummel creates hand carved stamps to use as a decorative accent on her cards.
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Materials and Tools:

copyright free images
rubber block
wood block
tracing paper
nail polish remover and cotton balls
linoleum block carving tools
rubber stamp inkpad
card stock
rice paper
blank card
jar of water
craft wire
artist chalks
foam-tipped applicator stick
furry decorative yarn
roll-on adhesive, paper glue, transparent tape, stick glue




1. Trace a design onto tracing paper with a soft lead pencil using copyright-free images or a freehand drawing.

2. Place the paper with the traced pattern face down onto the rubber block.

3. Apply nail polish remover to a cotton ball and rub the back side of the drawing so that it transfers onto the rubber block.



4. Carve out the pattern around the lines of the transferred design with carving tools. Glue the carved rubber onto a wood block. Let dry.



5. Ink the carved rubber with stamp pad ink. Stamp the image onto card stock.

6. Cut around the card stock to a chosen size to fit within the front of an average size card.



7. Using chalk for rubberstamping projects, rub a foam-tipped stick into a tan color of chalk. Gently rub the chalk onto the edges of the image outline for shading and dimension.



8. Using paper glue or double-sided tape, glue the furry decorative yarn along the edges of the stamped card piece, allowing the fibers to hang off away from the edge of the stamped piece. Set aside.



9. Cut a piece of rice paper as an embellishment slightly larger than the card stock with the stamped image. Apply water in an irregular shape around the edges with a paintbrush.

10. Tear away pieces of the rice paper where the water was applied.



11. Using a glue stick apply glue on the back of the rice paper and glue it onto the front of a blank card.



12. Make curly cues on each end of a length of craft wire.

13. Place the shaped wire on the back of the stamped card stock. Tape it in place with transparent tape.



14. Using double-stick tape on the back of the stamped card stock, place the card stock with the stamped image and wire over the rice paper and adhere it to the rice paper. Pull the wire curly cues over the top and bottom of the hand-carved stamped card stock.

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