Halloween Party Game: Pumpkin Pickin'

Entertain Halloween trick-or-treaters or partygoers of all ages with a handmade game of chance that can be refilled with candy or small trinkets to keep the fun going.

Halloween Pumpkin Pickin' Party Game

Halloween Pumpkin Pickin' Party Game

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This interactive game is inexpensive to craft and fun to play. Behind each felt pumpkin is a prize; guests just need to slide their hand through the pumpkin of their choice to claim it. Or, you can make the game more difficult by requiring kids to match up like items before they actually win (like Memory) or place textural items, like spaghetti for brains or grapes for eyeballs, behind the panels and require that guests accurately guess what they're touching before winning a prize. We've used felt flaps and opened up the back to make it easy for parents to reload the game to keep the fun going.

Materials Needed:

  • flat-screen TV box (ours is 36.5" x 21.5" x 6.25")
  • kraft paper
  • 1 card-stock sheet
  • 12 6" x 6" square mailing boxes
  • black duct tape
  • craft or utility knife
  • straight-edge ruler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • orange felt
  • black permanent marker
  • black and green craft or poster paint
  • large paintbrush and artist's paintbrush
  • clothespins
  • Halloween-themed candy or small toys as prizes

Create a Kraft Paper Template

To determine the number of columns and rows your TV box will hold, first create a template using a sheet of kraft paper that has been cut to the same size as the TV box. Fold paper in half lengthwise and widthwise to easily find both the horizontal and vertical centers. Then fold both the bottom and top of the kraft paper to the center line and crease. You should now have a sheet of paper with 8 sections that will help you determine the placement of boxes (see diagram below, Image 1).

Kraft Paper Template for Halloween Pumpkin Pickin' Game

Kraft Paper Template for Halloween Pumpkin Pickin' Game

Finish Template

Make a 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" square out of card stock to use as a template then determine the boxes' position by tracing around the square template onto the kraft paper (Image 1). Draw a box to coordinate with each of your square shipping boxes. Note: Be sure to leave at least a 1" frame between each of the boxes. Label the top of the paper template with the word "top." Using a craft knife or scissors, cut out the centers of the squares leaving the surrounding frames.

Tracing Prize Squares for Halloween Pumpkin Pickin' Game

Tracing Prize Squares for Halloween Pumpkin Pickin' Game

Create Pumpkin-Shaped Holes

Next, tape the kraft paper template to the front of the TV box, making sure the top is in the correct position. Then, draw rounded pumpkin shapes inside the square cut-outs onto the TV box below (Image 1). Remove the paper template and use a craft knife to cut out the rounded pumpkin shapes (Image 2).

Cut Out Back of Game

Position template on the TV box's back, making sure the top of the template matches the top of the TV box and the front of the template is now face down against the cardboard box. Use a permanent marker to draw around the template's squares then cut them out using a craft knife. Finally, paint the entire outside of the box flat black.

Create Felt Pumpkin Flaps

Using a craft knife and straight edge, cut the shipping box flaps to just one inch tall. Next, use scissors to cut 12 6" x 7" orange felt pieces that will act as flaps to cover each shipping box. Glue one felt piece to the outside flap of each square shipping box, securing it with clothespins (Image 1). Allow glue to dry completely then lay felt out flat and use a permanent marker to draw a simple jack-o'-lantern face onto the side that will face out when box has been installed inside TV box. Repeat for all felt panels.

Felt Pumpkin Flaps for Halloween Party Game

Felt Pumpkin Flaps for Halloween Party Game

Assemble Game

Insert shipping boxes inside the TV box, positioned carefully between the front and back holes with the felt pumpkin flaps facing out. Use black duct tape to secure flaps to the inside of the TV box; this will keep each box properly lined up with each opening (Image 1). When all boxes have been secured, close up the TV box flaps and secure with duct tape. Load prizes through the back of the game (Image 2). Finally, use an artist's paintbrush to embellish each pumpkin with a green stem and vine (Image 3).

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