Garden Photography: Dos and Don'ts

Like gardening, there's both an art and a science to creating great shots of plants and landscapes. HGTVGardens asked Atlanta photographer Ben Rollins to share a few tips.

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Don't: Try to Fit Everything in One Shot

It's tempting to include a lot in a photo—often, too much.

Do: Get Close

Fill the frame, focusing on your subject matter.

Don't: Shoot at Eye Level

Shooting from eye level can be boring.

Do: Shoot From Below

For a more effective angle, try shooting plants from below.

Don't: Shoot at Midday

Don't photograph during the middle of the day and early afternoon when the sun is directly overhead and harshest.

Do: Avoid Harsh Sunlight

Take advantage of the "golden hour" of early morning or late afternoon when light is soft.

Don't: Shoot in the Dark!

Avoid shooting in full shade.

Do: Shoot with Light Behind You

Position yourself so that the sun is behind the plant for highlighting it.

Don't: Use Boring Angles

Avoid sticking with the same old static angles.

Do: Find Fresh Angles

Experiment a little! Shoot from various angles.

Don't: Center

Don't center your subject in the frame.

Do: Use the Rule of Thirds

Visually divide your frame into thirds and place the subject in the left or the right third.

Don't: Shoot From Afar

Avoid shooting your subject from too far away.

Do: Isolate Color

Isolate the subject or color you're trying to emphasize.

Don't: Split Lighting

Don't shoot into half shade and half light.

Do: Aim for Even Lighting

Photograph a subject in consistent light—either all shade or all sun.

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