Forcing Flowers in Eggshells

Plant spring bulbs in eggshells for a beautiful holiday project and centerpiece.

An Elegant, Easy Centerpiece

Two garden delights: backyard chicken eggshells and spring bulbs come together in this clever craft project that allows flower bulbs to be forced in eggshells.

Get Your Eggs Ready!

Begin by gently tapping the top side of the eggshell and removing the top quarter portion of the eggshell. Save the eggs to make a quiche or frittata for dinner. Rinse the eggshells out with warm water and dry carefully with a paper towel. Place the empty shells into the egg carton for safe keeping as you are working.

Spring Bulbs Sprout from Eggshells

Ordinary eggs from your backyard chickens or grocery story become containers for spring bulbs.

Add Gravel to Eggshells

Add a small amount of gravel to the bottom of each eggshell.

New Life Sprouts

Sit the bulb on top of the gravel. Add a bit of soil to help anchor the bulb and dress the eggshell with moss to help maintain moisture. Gently water your eggshell garden and place it in a sunny spot.

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